Time, communication, organisation, and human behaviour are impacted by technology. Technology was developed and advanced based on society’s demands. It was a means to solve society’s issues, along with economic growth.

1801, Joseph-Marie Jacquard was the first to invent a type of machine that was pattern programmed, “the Jacquard Loom.” Cloth patterns could now be produced by mass production. This is the beginning of the early industrial age

Impact of Technology on the Workplace

1946, J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly designed the earliest computers to perform specific tasks that once had to be done by hand. Early generated computers were expensive; departments that could afford a computer had to be located at their main headquarter. At the time, many firms were localized to one geographic location. The demand to branch out was resolved by the low costing minicomputers. This lets organizations to migrate their companies outwards. It was the combination of computers and telecommunication that provided companies to branch out even further. Organizations transformed their image with the invention of the PC “personal Computer.” 

Dramatically the workplace was remodeling. Increasingly jobs that humans would perform would be replaced by computers, which reduced job positions. These people would have to learn different skills to serve in the working environment. At the same time, the workplace environment had frequently become reliant on technology.

January 1, 1983, is considered the official birthday of the internet. New job sections were formed to support computer technology. Many companies allowed employees to work from home or work centers away from the headquarters. To lower labour costs, some companies migrated to other countries, where the wages were lower than their origin. Whether the employee worked from home or in a different country, this allowed employees to deliver through the internet their work.

Sir Tim Berners- Lee, a British Scientist invented the WWW, “World Wide Web,” in 1989. While he was employed with CERN, he designed the first web browser

Impact of technology in the home and in the educational institutes

The age of information is here. E-Mail, WWW, and the internet have had the most impact on societies worldwide. It is not only businesses that utilize technology, but many families take advantage of technology in their homes. Individuals can communicate with others in distant places. Technology is now more affordable and also convenient to acquire. Many companies have payment plans so that everyone can have devices at their disposal.

Individuals can research many different topics. Sharing and transferring information, pictures, and videos quickly. Regardless of the individual’s location, they can see whom they want to talk to through video chat. The internet has shaped education and entertainment by being delivered into private homes and shared locations.

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