My friend called me up one day. Telling me for the last two weeks, her 4-year-old daughter has been waking up and crawling into her bed. I was saying that she cannot sleep because of all the noise. And for the last couple of months, she has found her daughter talking to someone or thing, yet there is nothing there.

I asked her where her daughter’s bed was located in the room. What I wanted to know was her daughter sleeping near a plug outlet? Are the neighbours loud in the unit next to her?

My friend lived in the corner unit, and her daughter’s room was not close to the neighbours nor a plug outlet! That narrowed down two possibilities of why her daughter would be waking up in the middle of the night.

There was no question in my mind that her daughter was talking to something. I explained to my friend that little children are not conditioned to block things out that not many can see. Even with my explanation, the situation bothered her.

I had put it into a different perspective; it is no different than myself. I hate the term psychic medium, so I say I deal with things many individuals cannot see, hear or smell! I also have this unique thing where I can create my own energy and use it to protect a house or person.

In a way that comforted her. I told her, if her daughter still wakes up at night, I would go over to her place, see what is going on. I did tell her that she can say out loud that “I do not mind you visiting my daughter as long as you do not harm anyone living in this unit, the environment that we dwell in. Also, you are not to disrupt my daughters sleep at any time.”

A week had gone by! My friend’s daughter was sleeping for the whole night. What was bothering my friend now, as she had no idea who her daughter was talking to?

Another one of my gifts, I have a way of seeing things even though I am not there. I asked my friend to go into her daughter’s room, start talking about the whole situation again.

It was roughly three minutes when I told her it was her father. It had been one year and one month since he had died. He had two motives; he wanted to see his granddaughter that he did not get to see much when he was alive. Secondly, he tried to tell her that he missed her, and he would always love her.

After she had received that message, her daughter’s behaviour had gone back to what my friend was used to.


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