It is the day that many girls dream of, walking down the aisle, meeting up with their prince, and saying their vows.

Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel, Alberta

Little girls get older, a proposal is made. The planning begins, from the guest list to the date and do not forget the emergency kit. The vows are made, then man and wife start a new chapter of their lives together.

This story is about the Banff Bride

The location was perfect for a young couple to be. The couple picked Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel, Albert. The date was set, everyone on the guest list showed up for the grand event. The wedding gown was magnificent, everyone was glaring up at the bride standing at the top of the staircase. She was descending down the hotel’s marble steps. All of a sudden, the bride becomes started. She panics as she slips on the hem of her dress. Spectators could only watch as this young girl fell to her death. What was to be a happy day, quickly turned to disaster.
If you go to the Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel, you might have the chance to see the bride on the staircase, wearing the dress she dreamed of.

The Bride


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