I have a great deal of respect for our army; they are doing something billions of people will not, protecting our country. I want to think that all soldiers, regardless of time, find their way home to their loved ones after the battle and war is done. For some, that is not the case though, for whatever reason they have chosen to stay earthbound. This would be the case for the Plains of Abraham, Quebec City.

Major General James Wolfe

September 13, 1759, the British and French armies met on the battlefield; it had been a three-month siege of Quebec City. Major General James Wolfe and Major General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm died there among the many soldiers as well. The death toll was 658 British soldiers, and 650 French soldiers died there.

It has been said that once in a while, you can spot the soldiers that had fought in that battle on the field. Why they are there, no one knows why! My thoughts are, the troops are still protecting the land. What are your thoughts?


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