This is one of my favourite story!

Stories have been passed down from one generation to the next. They have altered our performance and stimulated our curiosity. Some stories bring comfort, others of warning, some bring flocks of people wanting to see the location of so much history. Some locations have more historical activity than others. Besides wanting to visit my birthplace, these locations are on my list of places to visit. The stories are what drives my interest. The pictures of the multiple locations are gorgeous.

Late in the evening, one day, after everyone had gone home, a janitor was moving around completing his tasks that he had been hired for. Behind him, he heard a noise that made him turn around with a fright. In front of him, a spirit had been swinging from a rope around his neck.
Over the years, this building had been renovated; not all the pieces of the original building could be taken away. The old Halifax Courthouse sentenced convicts that would see the gallows that happened to be in the courthouse itself. The story goes, the janitor was so terrified that he would never return to the room as long as he lives.

Funeral homes, just the thought sends shivers down my spine. One location not only catered to one major disaster but two. 1912, Many bodies retrieved from the Titanic wreckage had been prepared at this building. Victims of the 1917 Halifax explosion had also been prepared for burial at this funeral home. Many decades later, this building was turned into a restaurant. Five Fishermen is a custom to spiritual activity. From lights going on and off, glasses sailing off shelves, to viewing of people dressed in old-fashion clothing.
Another location that was affected by the Halifax explosion was St. Paul’s Anglican Church. It is said that the minister of the church never left the site. To this day, he can be seen looking out a window, possibly the same position he was at when he met his demise.

Historical evens will always be a leading source for our stories.

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