October, my favourite month of the year. The leaves are changing, Thanksgiving just around the corner for us Canadians. And the most exciting part, Halloween.

I know I have heard rumours that they are cancelling Halloween. Every time I hear that I am like… “Hmmm so we are shipping October 31 then. I guess we do want to end this year as fast as possible.”

When people think Halloween, their minds go to trick or treat. Children are going from house to house, gathering up as much candy as possible before they have to go to bed.

Candy is great, don’t get me wrong, but I would much rather have a bag of grapes any day; my children would give me the stink eye rate now if they could read this, but “🤫, they don’t need to know!’

Halloween is more than going from house to house, gathering candy. It is about dressing up as something other than yourself and having fun. 🙈🙉🙊 I know… I just said something evil, my spidey sense is a tingling, and I should watch out. The anty-fun patrol is out; they may report me to the police. I wonder what the fine would be for laughing and having fun 🤔

Yes, Halloween, this year will be different for my children. They will have less candy to eat, “oh dear!” And they will not be able to go to multiple houses to show off, “oh my!” But they are still going to have fun dressing up, play with the children in our small but humble group.

What are your children or grandbabies going to be this year? Even better, what are you doing to dress up as?


  1. Well, that’s my new bit of learning for today! I didn’t know Canadians celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday too 🙁 Yes, trick-or-treating will be different this year – at least we already have masks 😉

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