The sun was bright as everyone started to get up; Jullian came outside with a coffee in his hand. Handing me a cup, he sat down beside me.

“Rough night!?”
“I need to get back to the city!”
“I need to do some research!”
“Hmm … about what?”

I gave Jullian the look of, ‘you are asking too many questions.

“I can take you, Taz and Jane will be ready to go by noon. But there are no issues at the farm; everything is quiet! I would like to know why you need to do research when you could be relaxing.”

“Fire underground!”
“I had a dream of a fire that was moving underground. I need to know if this is possible.”
“Anything else?”
“A lot!”
“Care to elaborate?”
“This dream was either from the past or something in the planning.”
“This is why you want to do some research?”
“If I do not get it out of my system, this is going to drive me nuts!”
“If you saw it in a dream, why would you not believe it?”
“Have you never watch a movie before, then that night you played it over again in your dream?”
“I think everyone has!”
“Point made!”
“You believe you could have seen this from a movie? In your dream state, you could have been replaying this in your mind, and it is all made up?”
“I do not know; I do know I have to do some research!”

We sat in silence for a while, drinking our coffee. I was making a mental checklist of everything that I was going to have to research.

Underground fires
History for droughts
History for heatwaves
Snakes that are brown and poisons
Possible plant life … if I can remember what the plants looked like once I get back to the city
The layout of the gardens from my dream … maybe mean something
Large corporations buying up farmland

Jullian finished his stare off into the abyss, followed by “they will not let you leave just yet!”
“Something is not right … they have asked me to tell you that they would like you to stay in the cabin longer!”
“Why am I getting the feeling that this is there a nice way of saying I can not leave this location?”
“If it is any consolation, I am not allowed to leave either! Something is going on; Jazzgoth is not making any sense to me! … To your question, yes! They are well aware of your temper when it comes to being told what to do! Believe it or not, Jazzgoth and I do take your safety seriously!”

I made a disgruntled noise coming from the back of my throat. Jullian made a half-smile, “let us go inside and see if I can get a signal from my laptop. If it works, you can use it to do some research.”

I made another pot of coffee; the signal was low, turtles moved faster than this, closing the laptop. “I need to get back to civilization.”

Taz emerged into the area that we were in, “Why do you need to get back to civilization?”
“I hate to admit it, but for once, I need resources that are not here. I am not a fan of technology, and it does not always like me, but I need a functional internet signal!”

Jullian placed his hand on his chest, “OUCH!”
“Eh, sorry, Jullian, but the connection here is like a twenty-five cent ho, it sucks!”
Taz bobbed his head up and down, “It is a fact!”
Jullian gulped his coffee then took his attention off me, “When will you and Jane be ready to leave?”
“We are all ready to go, just need a cup of coffee, and when you are ready, we are too!”
“Excellent! I will drop you two off at the mainland; then, you will have to take yourselves home from there. I have been asked to stay at the cottage.”
“Zita, to I am presuming!” Taz motioned his head towards me.

I looked at both of the guys; I guess the guys had forgotten that I was still in the area, “Eh, they might have asked us to stay, but I do not have to stay if I do not want too!”
Jullian looked up at the ceiling muttering something on the lines of someone helping him. “Please … please … do not go all rebel on me! I love your feistiness, but … there is something big going on. Besides they did ask nicely!”
I held up my pointer finger, “One more week if nothing happens, I go back to the farm. The science experiment is over!”
Jullian clapped his hands together, “Excellent!”

I could not tell, but I think Taz gave Jullain a look that said ‘dude you are so screwed!’ I could be wrong, though.


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