It is hotter than average summers. Everything is drying up; I cannot remember the last time it rained. Many places have water restrictions, and there are fire banners all over the country. I heard farmers speaking; they say their crops are failing if this heatwave continues much longer, their yield for the season will be forfeited. Other farmers are saying this is the worst drought they have seen since 1984.

I am on the country roads. What should be lush green trees are large sickle wigs with few leaves. There is no green grass, just crunchy yellow weeds. The blue sky start to fill up with clouds. I keep on walking further down this road.

The mood is dismal! Many farmers are finding it hard to make ends meet; some have even considered selling their farmland to a large corporation that has offered to buy their land.

More clouds are filling the sky above my head, while the winds gust start to pick up.

The land is vibrating with an abundance of energy. The once calm cattle are now moving around as if something is upsetting them. I hear a mother yelling to her three young children not to go far from the house; there is a warning of a severe thunderstorm. A man sarcastically laughs and says they have had many warnings of thunderstorms, and nothing happened. This time will be no different; nothing will happen. Both walk into the house while the children played outside.

To the East, clouds become darker in colour, so beautiful they looked yet extremely threatening. On the West, dark clouds were developing, the energy around me is only building up.

Each step I take is taken with care; I am continuously glancing over my shoulder. Something is coming; I do not know what. My eyes are darting in all directions; I do not like the feeling that is around me. It is starting to feel ominous!

Lighting is crackling adjacent to the clouds; the wind is picking up. I stop at a corner; there is a house to my right, another across the road and fields to my left. The smell around me is changing; there is lighting everywhere, but no thunder.

All I can think about is why someone would have a bonfire when a storm is about to hit this location.

I have a feeling I need to turn down the road that is to my right.

I get roughly a mile or two down the road when I notice clouds moving up from the middle of the farmer’s field. It took my mind a moment to register what was going on. I ran back to the house, banging on the door, screaming fire … the field is on fire! The man ran out of the doorway, straight threw me, heading to his field cursing. All around me, at random points, there was smoke coming from the ground. I started to run, banging on another house, I tried to get the homeowners attention. I needed to let as many know what was going on!

The sky was black, lighting here and there with no rain or thunder. The grounds started to vibrate with energy. It was calling to the clouds, like a magnet, it was attracting the lightning to it.

Intuition took over; I started to run down the road, the smoke was beginning to head East if I could get to the other houses in time …

I could no longer run; it was difficult for me to breathe.

I saw a small white house with a white fence going around its property. Much smaller than the other places, I jogged to the front door. Banging on the door, I yelled, fire! A tiny lady answered the door; I told her she needed to water the soil; the fire was coming.

I looked to the West; there was more smoke, random spots you would see a flash of red. The lady had a smile on her face while she looked over in the direction that I was. All she said is, “I know!”

I ran to her back yard where she had her gardens, grabbing her hose I turned it on. Only a small stream of water came out. I quickly went to her gardens; the lady yelled at me to not ruin her plants.

How odd that she would say that

I told her that if she does not water the ground that she is going to lose everything. Once again, she yelled at me to not ruin her plants.

How odd, her garden is lush and green … everyone else has dried up twigs

I told her that I would only water the soil, and that was all.

Her behaviour was very odd; it was as if she was happy that this event was going on. She was muttering words that I could not understand.

I knelled down to the ground; I found it odd yet appealing how she had set up her garden beds. Unlike others, she did not have straight rows going from one side to the other; it was curving in all directions.

There is a sharp pain in my left arm, I do not know how it happened, but two small bite marks are just above my wrist. I see the outline of a snake; it blends in perfectly with the ground. If it were not for movement, I would never have known it was there.

The lady is mumbling louder, as she glares at this snake. A man comes rushing into the backyard as my body falls to the ground.

“What are you doing?” The man yells at the lady
“This is what they are wanting!”

Unrecognizable words are passed back and forth. The man lifts my body and places it in a truck. The last thing he said to me before I passed out was, “Don’t worry when I was bitten; it burned, once the burning goes away, you will be fine. That is if you are one of the chosen ones.”

I bolted up straight, it was dark out, but I can still make out what is standing at the bed’s foot. It was a sister of the Us’Us. She gave me her message; she was gone.

I could not go back to sleep after this dream, so I sat outside watching the fire crackle as the others slumbered.


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