For sometime Bay and I gazed at the water, finally he brought his attention and why he had came to me.

“Your head?”
“Attached to my body!”
“That you are!”
“That is true!”

In the distance, two loons sang to each other.

“NaNa will pay for what she has done.”
“You mean her sheep will pay for her brutality!”
“Two different sides can never exist at the same time; war is inevitable!”
“Bay, retribution will only grant you death or slavery!”
“You are a prophet now?”
“History has a habit of repeating!”
“What do you suggest?”
“Attack the prisons … free those that once opposed … gain the prisoner’s trust … most of all, control your rage! Play on their weaknesses!”
“What weaknesses do they have?”
“Personal attack, NaNa does not like it when someone is physically and mentally stronger … she does not like it when anyone defies her! She orders attacks based on revenge and to cause fear … as a whole … the sheep are maintained just enough to survive. The army is mild at most, but there are many bodies. Those with any power at all are housed at the centre of the territory, well guarded. The individuals with power are overworked, not able to regenerate; they are becoming weakened. In my opinion, sheep do not revolt because they are fearful; there is no loyalty! Those that are, are just as sadistic as NaNa.”
“If I listen to my advisers and attack …”
“You will be killing the wrong people, liberate the sheep!”
“To bring in a spy!”
“There are spies everywhere … I am a spy! How do you think I know the location of those with power? How do you think I know the location of the crazy queen? There are eyes and ears everywhere; I am no exception.”
“Are you sure you only want to tend to the weak? There are better positions more suited to your abilities!”
“I will keep to my words, protect the weak and in need. Anything past that will be self-defence.”
“Your anticipation more attacks?”
“Do not sound surprised!”
“What are you planning?
“To sit here and look pretty!”
“To think I once believed you to be the only one who was honest, you have disappointed me, Zita!”
“You will get over it, that I am sure of!”
“I know your type of personality Zita, your a huntress!”
“Nope, I am just very pissed off!”
“Could have fooled me!”
“I have gotten talented at holding my temper down. I pick and choose my battles with great care.”
“You are one of the most dangerous species around.”
“How so?”
“You work within the spectrum of laws, yet standing outside normality. Thinking for yourself, you follow no master. You see plenty, like a shadow no one pays attention … until now! I know who and what you are!”
“I did not take you to be a fool!”

Time had passed; only the sounds of nature were heard …

“Out with it! I know you are here for another reason, so speak!”
“Not another reason … I was just thinking. You suggested attacking the prisons …”
“No one knows the precise location! Those that did are extinct …”
“Meaning their …”
“Their energy is no longer recycled!”
“That is impossible; all energy is recyclable!”
“It is possible to eliminate energy; you just have to consume that energy yourself!”
“NaNa is not human!”
“Point … then barbaric!”
“That is a better word to choose!”
“Bay, back to your point!”
“The prisons are guarded with heavy spells and gate keeps or guardians …”
“Let me guess; I am the only one that has broken the rules in a very long time?”
“You are a headache!”
“True! Ask the question?”
“You are going to make me ask?”
“I like you squirming like a worm on a hook!”
“You already know the question!”
“You know … about a year ago … one of your charming brothers said that I was a cosmic joke! That I was the weakest species to exist … Yes, I want you to ask for my help!”
“I do not ask … I hand out commands!”
“I follow no master!”
“You are just a human!”
“That seems to be talented in the areas that you are not!”
“I know I am, but I do try to remain humble and honest! Sooo?”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes, I am!”
“You already said that!”
“Which brother of mine said you were a cosmic joke?”
“Tall and ugly!”
“That would be all of them; I need a name to punish him!”
“That would be all of them!”
“You are going to be my biggest headache … I need your help to locate as many prisons as possible, will you help me?”
“See … that was not so hard! … I will find and take you to the prisons, but I will not lift a hand to fight whatever might be there. I need to save all my energy to do other things of equal importance!”
“She will attack”
“And what will you do?”
“Sit here and look pretty!”
“Just pissed off!”
“She has an army!”
“I am defiant!”
“I take back what I said!”
“You are an assassin!”
“Hmmm … nah, cosmic joke!”

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