Jullian came barging through the cottage doors a day earlier than expected. “What the hell happened here?”

We were all sitting at the table, with a coffee cup in our hands, glaring at Jullian. “Did you, by chance, bring any strong medication like Tylenol with codeine?”

“Someone explain to me what happened?”

I would say it was about now that I placed my mockery pants on. “Hey, Zita, how are you feeling? Thank you for asking Jullian … I have a splitting headache, goose egg for a bump on the back of my head and finally … finally, it is no longer bleeding!”

Jullian handed me a bottle of medication; I did not even see what it was he was feeding me. I only had one thought ‘get rid of the pounding in my head.’ … “Thanks!”

Taz had tried to start to tell Jullian everything that happened, while Jullian was pacing back and forth. I looked at Jullian and told him to sit down, that he was making my headache worse.

“Before you run off to war against the Fastrial and the Zeragil, you need to think about what you are going to do and how it is going to look like,” I uttered to the group but mainly speaking to Jullian.

“This cannot go unpunished!” Jullian’s temper was at a high peak boil.

“How many centuries, billions even trillion years have they been a stronghold?”

“Far too long!” Jullian snarled, Jane and Taz both nodded their heads in agreement.

“There is a reason for, far too long, been in power! You do not just one-day scream war and expect to win. Far too long, has been working every angle to keep in power. Far too long, whether you like it or not, is intelligent and do not forget resourcefulness. You do not take down a powerhouse by running into the battlefield. That is a great way to commit suicide!”

“What are you saying, Zita? We are to wait … wait until they strick again?”

“Yes, that is what I am saying! You may think that you have the resources! You may think you have the workforce! You may think that you have the skills! They have the same and more!”

Tax threw his hands up in the air with agitation; Jane made a disgruntling nose while Jullian gave me the stink eye.

“Zita, you are unbelievable! Of all the people, you should be the one that wants revenge the most! Here you are spouting off nonsense!” Taz was everything but pleased with me. “How long have we been here protecting you, and this is how you repay us!”

What I wanted to say was ‘Protecting me … Nah … you were here for the science experiment. Guess what you had a front-row view of what happens when I do not bubble up!’ Being rude was not going to get them to see reason. They see red, blood red, furthermore they wanted their enemy’s blood. I sat silent for a long time while the three conversed, excluding me from their conversation. At this point, they are behaving like feral animals with no sense of direction. Their rage is the energy; the desire for revenge is their goal. They are doomed for death, worse torcher and slavery!

“How did NaNa get the power of control?” I asked no one in particular.

“She killed everyone that opposed her!” Taz replied

“No, that is the result of her getting into power, how did she become a leader?”

“How about you enlighten us, oh great one!” Jane did not try to hide her disdain.

“The tactic is as old as time! First, you create a crisis, something that will create fear. A group of people will come to the state aid; they will promise this… say they will do that. Second step, get the people to divide into groups. There is a group that believes, a group that does not, and then there is the other group, let us call them the mediators. … In a short time, those in charge have to convince the mediators that they are doing what is best for the state. Those in charge need the mediators to conform. Third step, get the people to fight each other. By doing this now, the leaders can step in and take control.
While steps one, two and three were being played, those in control set the stage for their real plan. Control the people; you control the resources, anyone that causes any problems … kill them!
Each step you take will have to be methodical! You will have to show NaNa’s sheeps that their leader’s credibility is flawed, free those enslaved. In other words, you are going to need to take away her resources. Doing so will mean NaNa will retaliate; this is were your brutal strength will be required… protect yourselves. Use every weakness to your advantage; it is a fact they are doing the same to you. Your desire for revenge is your Achilles heel.”

The area became ignited with a blast of energy, Jullian gazed for just a moment pasted my body, dropped to one knee “Master!” I pivoted my body so that I could see who was standing behind me, “Eh Bay, how is it going?”

Jullian and I were the only ones it seemed that could see and hear Bayawah, “we need to speak!” I pointed my finger first at Jullian, once I pointed at myself, Bayawah said, “You!”

On cue, without thinking, “you has a name, remember it … Zita!” Without a sound, Bayawah was outside waiting for me to follow. “Jullian, breathe the world is not going to end!”

“The master does not personally show up unless the situation requires his amidated attention,” Jullian spoke out loud. I could tell he was still on shock mode.

Opening the door, I stepped outside; I motioned towards my favourite sitting spot near the water’s edge. When Bayawah sat down beside me, I noted how much bigger he was compared to me. Funny, I never thought of it before. He was a giant; my head was just shy of his shoulder top. His massive body could easily take up three chairs. Good thing, my ego could match his.

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