Think of the worst possible situation that you could be in … Now intensify it … The position that you are in is no longer extreme, slowing down your mind, you can play out the best scenario, that is the path that you will take.

Panic … anxiety … fear! Emotions brought on by a stressful circumstance that is situated in front of you!

Dislodge these emotions … slow down your heart rate … exhale and inhale extremely slowly … show no expression … you are not pray …gain back your control!

Think like the preditor … you are one too!

There is a yard, if not more between you and your attackers … a yard they will have to close between us … run, you know this location better than them. No, I can not do that; they will pick up on my energy signature.

Think! More than thirty seconds have gone by; they are moving fast towards you.

Bubble up!

Growling … do not look back, stay focused! Peripheral … Jane and Taz are stressed … do not listen to their conversation … focus! They can not see what you see; they do not know that I am about to be attacked … FOCUS!

It took them five days to find me … less than a minute to close the yard gap to attack me … one action to start a war!

My attacker managed to drive me into the ground with their force. My blood touched the land, sacred grounds to the Us’Us … breaking the contract that the leaders of the Us’Us had with the Fastrial and Zeragil’s. “No other clan can spill the blood of a human on sacred grounds that belonged to another.”

NaNa had ordered this attack, I know it! Us’Us knew this … they knew she would not pass up this opportunity to come after me. I guess deep down; I knew she would too. Coming to the cottage was not only to see how long my protection would last at the farm but to see how long it would take NaNa to find my new location.

Oh Man, my head hurts so much … Focus!

Where are they? I see Jane and Taz over top of me … but where are the two attackers? I cannot sense them anymore! Wait? Why are my hands so hot and clammy?

Ow man my head hurts so bloody much … focus, I need to focus!

… I think both sides have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, for one or the other to break the contract. It was just a matter of time. NaNa wants me out of the way … The Us’Us was just waiting for her to slip up. The perfect combination, now there will be a blood bath. Hmm, something tells me both sides have a taste for blood.

If I were in the city, anywhere but here, nothing would have been done about this attack.

Fact, NaNa has eighty percent of the big guns; she can afford this so-called war. NaNa cares less at how die, as long as she remains untouched and victorious. The chances of NaNa winning this is very high … the Us’Us have to know this, why would they wager war? I would never wager war … unless … unless I knew there was a chance … a ace up my sleeve that NaNa would never suspect!

If … this is a big IF, the crazy Bayair queen attack NaNa first, possibly, NaNa’s forces will be cut in half if not more.

Things are going to get ugly!


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