“Would you like some coffee Zita? Taz and Jullian took the boat to the mainland. Taz should be back in an hour.” Jane held out a cup of coffee for me.

“Thank you! Did you get much sleep last night with the rain? Oh, did you hear the bear last night roaming around the area?”

Jane had taken a sip of her coffee, with the nodding of her head, yes. “I am going to assume the bear was looking for food.”

“Yes, he was! He will need to get as much food into him before the winter starts. It will start to get cold here, roughly eight more weeks.”

“So, soon!”


“Did Jullian tell you much about us?”

“No, really, I just know the basics! I know that you are apart of his group, that is for sure.”

“He told you that?”

“No! He would not leave anyone around me; he did not trust. Besides, we are in his cottage without him. To do something like that would require a great deal of trust!”

“Why is it, exactly, does Jullian place you so high above all, yet you choose not to join him?”

“It has nothing to do with you, Jullian or your cause! It is the violence that will come, the hatred that is brewing rate now is potent. Emotions are more deadly than a loaded gun.”

“Jullain praises the ground you walk on; he has only spoken of you … It makes me wonder what is it that you have that the rest of us do not. My bloodline can be traced back further than many, a strong warriors bloodline. What is it about you that makes you so special? What did you do to Jullian to gain all of his attention?”

Janes cup started to slide across the table. With my hand, I stopped it before it hit the floor. I turned my head to the entity that was pushing the cup. Jane had turned her head in the direction that I was staring at. “What?” is all that came out of her mouth. Picking up the cup and placing it in front of her, I studied her a wee bit more.
“HUM … You are protective of Jullian, very honourable of you; it goes with your bloodline and nature. It is not Jullian that wants my help but the Us’Us; they are the ones that have contacted me. Jullian is just their soldier, messenger, follower; he is only doing as he has been asked. For your question, ‘what makes me so special?’, you have heard the saying ‘the one that has the most guns, the biggest guns rules’ it is very real! Humans are the most dangerous species on this planet. Our bloodline can be traced back to the originals before civilization began. Some of us embrace our heritage as you have. Myself history repeats itself; we only embrace death … destruction. I have walked this path so often; my actions in this lifetime have proven to me how destructive I can be. I will not be used as a loaded gun! We are all loaded guns. Most times not used for protection, but delivers of death. If things are to change, mediators will be required, ones like myself, how do not choose a side but choose the balance.”

“You speak of a balance as if the other side will see reason … peace and liberty! They want full control over us; we need to fight for our rights! We are being murdered. Well, you sit here all protected and safe, our brothers and sisters are suffering! You … Believing that you are more privileged and righteous than any of us. “

“You are playing into their plan; you will die; if you are dead, you will no longer be a threat to NaNa or the governments! They have the majority of the guns, followers, everything, you need to be smarter than them. You have to do the opposite of what is expected. If you are to live for your cause … you need to learn from our ancestors. Our ancestors … they died a premature death. Lead by example, protect yourself and stop being a puppet on a string.”

“I am no puppet; I am a warrior; you are weak, pathetic hiding here like a child!”

“Hum! You are a puppet; you will be NaNa’s and the government’s example of what happens when you go up against them. She will use your death as a means to suppress and control the fearful and the depressed. Congratulations, you have repeated history over again. Allowing hatred to control your actions, setting your cause back further, everything you do will be swept under a rock, never to be heard of again. Is that your end game plan? Fight to the death?”

“If that is the way it has to be, then yes!”

“Now, you know why I will not join you!”

I left the location, stepping outside, seeing the spirit of a deer near the edge of the water. It did not disappear as I sat down beside it. I saw what it saw, the beauty that the world possessed, the potential that waited ahead of me. I want it more than I have ever wanted anything before. The spirit of a wolf came and sat on the other side of me. The essence of an owl perched on a nearby tree.

I need to be as wise as an owl, sharp vision, able to see past the mask of each individual I come across. To listen to my intuition, staying loyal to myself and friends, just like the wolf. Like a deer, display compassion, kindness and balance.
I will fall from time to time, being goated to stir up emotions. But it will only give me time to recollect my thoughts and feelings. I will stand up again, steadying myself for my next action. As long as I do not fall prey to them, I will always win!

NaNa and the governments fear me; I am a threat to their livelihood. I do not follow, believe or seek their guidance. I am an outcast, minority and leader in my rights. I question their leadership and actions, that is something they do not take kindly, I know that! They will try to pin me up against the majority, hoping I will conform out of pressure. If that does not work, they will make my life unbearable. If things continue to worsen, they will try to kill me; I am sure of that!
Call it whatever you want socialism, communist complete domination; it is all the same. I refuse to follow, believe, nor surrender to their idealism. I believe in understanding that we are all different, I respect others choices in life, and I believe in a balance between life and death, yin and yang.

There is a consequence for everything we do, whether it may be good or bad. I am only doing what is right for me. If others should follow, excellent if not well, that is of their choosing not mind. I will respect it.

Jullian was right about one thing; we are all followers, even myself. The difference is what side you are on. My path is the hardest of all; it places me in the middle of a war that some see; others have closed their eyes not to see what is already here. What I do will have an impact on the future.


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