It was a man with wings

November 12, 1966 – Clendenin, West Virginia
A gravedigger working in the cemetery spotted something strange. He would describe a brown human being that scurried across the graveyard from tree to tree.

This would be the first report that would become known as the Mothman.

Three days after the gravedigger’s report, nearby Point Pleasant, West Virginia, two couples noticed a gray winged creature about seven feet tall standing in front of the car. It had bright red eyes and wings that were ten feet. It could fly at incredible speeds, which the creature had chased their vehicle as they escaped. This is what Roger Scarberry and Steven Mallett would tell the local paper. They were adamant this apparition was not a figment of their imagination.

Additional sightings were recorded, including two volunteer firefighters who said they saw a creature that was an enormous bird with large red eyes. Another sighting reported by a resident of Salem, West Virginia, told of a strange pattern that appeared on his television, followed by a mysterious sound outside of his home. When he shined a flashlight on the spot where the noise was coming from, he saw two red eyes looking back at him.

Is this an animal, like an owl or crane? Could this be a prankster with excellent skills for deception? Could the individual have sleep paralysis that would cause them to have vivid visions? Or is this a paranormal?

December 15, 1967, a little over a year after the reports began, tragedy struck, the Silver Bridge collapsed, killing 46 people. The bridge connected Point Pleasent, West Virginia, to Gallipolis, Ohio. People say that this mysterious creature is a harbinger of death.

In 2011, reports of a creature similar to Mothman in the Chicago region started to emerge, rising numbers of stories in 2017, all over the Chicago location.
The hight of the creature ranged from six to ten feet, with a wings span of ten feet. It was compared to a big owl, pterosaur and a giant bat. The eye colour sometimes was red, green, yellow and orange.
The majority of the sightings have one additive thing in common; there is a nearby water body.

Mawnan, Cornwell, UK, two young girls that were on holiday reported that they had seen an enormous winged creature that had human features. It was hovering above two towers, St. Mawnan and St Stephen’s Church, on April 17, 1976.
July 3, 1976, two fourteen-year-old girls reported that they had seen a large owl with pointed ears, big as a man, glowing eyes and black claws. They had been camping when they had faced their creature.

Science will always come up with a logical explanation, a means and a way to disprove a report. I get this reasoning; there are times that you do have to question what has been seen. There are times that our eyes will play tricks on us. If the individual is far away from the creature, they could be mistaken, and the animal could be an owl, crane or a drone.

Then there is the other side of the coin; some are born sensitives, like me. Have I seen the Mothman? No, I have not! I have never come across anything that has wings and can fly or glide in the air. But I have seen things appear as if they are flying, they kind of jump and glide from one spot to another. I have also seen entities move very fast, but it did not fly. The only things that are born with wings have I seen fly.


  1. I once saw three apparitions, my body froze with fright, my mind raced but when the name Jesus flashed through my calm spirit, they departed. That was 1986 but I still see the huge locust-like heels as they went.

  2. That’s fascinating Zita, very interesting. There are hundreds of sightings of unbelievable entities all over the world every year. My mind is open. Strange things happen to many people and its not possible that everyone is hallucinating.

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