It is not that difficult to change a person’s behaviour; it takes a small group of individuals doing the same thing, having another person joining in. Observing what the group is doing, 8 out of 10 times, the newcomer alters their behaviour to match those of the others.
You might be asking “why” would anyone do this, we all have free will to do whatever we desire. It is effortless; we “normally” do not want to feel like an outcast. We want to belong; we are social creates, are we not? Belonging is a means of survival, to be an outcast, puts you at odds with everyone else. It is solely psychology 101! You might be surprised at how effective this is. It takes only a small group to start a new trend or behaviour.
Large corporations and governments have been doing this for centuries. They understood the public needs to fit in and not stand out in a crowd. How they word things, present issues and things have changed the minds of several individuals. You might say, “I would never let this happen!” Think again!

Let us look at businesses, shall we …

That new cell phone that you bought, why did you get it? Your old one was working perfectly fine; it was not scratched; the battery was not damaged!
Why did you buy that new laptop? The one you had not running fast enough for your likings? But the old one is still in excellent condition; you take care of your belongings?
Why did you buy that new dress that is still sitting in the closet with the price tag on it, but you said it was so cute, yet you bought it six months ago, you only put it on once in the fitting room?

Businesses have learned how to meet your needs by continuously updating their items, saying it is a better deal, the item is new and improved. The only thing that they changed is a couple of wires here and there.
It all starts with marketing, offer a great deal (the hook), contract payment plan (line); you buy what they are providing without a thought (sinker). You will repeat this over several times for the rest of your life until you break the cycle. This similar concept works with clothing and accessories.

A decade ago, I realized this cycle; now, I am more aware of how I spend my money and why I am spending it. A new cell phone was because my son decided it needed to be with the fish. Chromebook, my son thought my laptop needed a drink of coffee, my coffee, to be exact. New clothing, because I have ruined everything I owned by working in the gardens, painting and woodwork, just worn too much.

Let us look at the new debate that has hit many countries, facial masks.

March to July 1st, the facial mask was optional. Of course, I would not put on a mask. One friend did because her mother has health issues. Plus, she knew friends of friends who had family members who died of the virus; they did have a previous health issue and were 65 and up. My friend was not about to take any chances; her mother might get sick because of her.
I had another friend that choose to wear the mask, seeing how others were wearing a mask; she felt dirty if she did not.

Another new rule came into play (my location) in early July; if you were longer than 15 minutes in a store, you had to wear a mask. I choose not to wear a mask, and I had called my order in ahead of time.

Then the newest rule that has hit a lot of countries, you have to wear a mask in all public indoor locations. The regulations to who were exempt were placed in the order; the majority complied with this by-law. This order was excepted by several; the new behaviour had been adopted by many. It only took four months for this notion to be the new normality.
There already were thousands of individuals practising this new normal, the administration had successfully conformed the population, with little disruption. They placed the idea out there, the general public did the rest of the work.
This is how easy it is to control the country, virus (hook), Fear (line), compliance (sinker).
The authority says this by-law is only temporary, I believe otherwise. Flu season is about to commence! The fear that is displayed now over this virus, it is strong. I foresee the mask to be around indefinitely for years.

There is no need for goating “hit the road Jack” said by someone wearing a mask to my hubby because he forgot his mask in his car, not needed. To the picture below,


I still do not wear a mask; it is my personal preference; I hate anything that covers my face, including winter scarfs. I won’t even allow a blanket to be placed over my head. I hate necklace on my neck that is way to tight. This issue has a bit to do with my allergies and breathing, but more of the fear of having anything close to my face and neck.
Concerning others and myself, I have a fantastic hubby that is willing to get the food from the grocery store, and items that are required from other stores. I will not bend in my ways, nor will I willingly disrespect other’s rights to safety.


  1. Great Post! Highlights how the common denominator of acquiescence among the masses will be the demise to those who are saying hey wait a minute, none of this makes sense, what’s really going on here? Prove to me how this facemask business is really gonna help me or others. Civil disobedience is a right and it harms none. I have begun to see this is real even though it doesn’t feel real any longer. I awaken and it hits me whats going on and my mind says it has to be a script and not real what’s going on and how people, I mean everyone I know has drank the cool aid and submitted without question this crazy insane game of simon says. I lament thinking of people in the near future if humans around the globe are stupid enough to continue putting up with this ridiculously evil prank, if they’ll buy this, I shiver at what else they’ll do when told to do so.

    1. If people continue to do as they are told and not question, there is no future for free thoughts, beliefs nothing. This is the future I fear for my children.

  2. Hey, very pertinent points made. In fact i recollected experiments of Solomon Asch on conformity, where the minority succumbed to the pressure of majority even when he/she was right. In one experiment, three confederates stood in a particular way inside the lift and when the new person arrived, he also couldn’t bear the pressure of standing in his own way and joined the line. On the mask part, my personal view is I think, its better not to put others at risk, although I am still a doubter and at times feel as if this is a big pharma conspiracy, whatever the truth it should be out if not now, probably 5 10, 15, 20 years down the line.

    1. I still refuse to wear the mask; I guess I must be a real rebel 🤣
      Conformity is a means of survival; the more significant in a number, the higher the success.
      Thanks for reading my post and leaving a comment

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