“Alone” is an American show that is displayed on the history channel. Ten survivalists are dropped off in the wilderness. Each contender are dropped off miles apart; there, they have to battle the elements and predictors.
Each contender is allowed to bring ten items, not including their clothing on their body. These items could be anything from tarps to bow and arrow. There are things they are not allowed to bring, like a gun. Any items that they find on the land, they can use.
Each contestant is competing for 5 million dollars; the last one standing gets the prize.

At this point, I have only watched all of season one. I found out that there are seven seasons altogether. The ten contestants were dropped off on Vancouver Island.

I have to say I am good when it comes to survival, but there is no way I would survive what they went throw. I have the knowledge and skill but not the mental ability to withstand being away from my children and hubby.

The other issue I would have is getting protein. My diet primarily consists mainly of vegetation. There is no way anyone can live in the wild by only eating plant life. It can hurt you by not getting enough protein in your diet.

What have I learned from “Alone” season one? How to make a boat, I would never thought of building a boat until I watch this show. How to create a wooden fish trap, watching one of the contestants make one, I felt like taking a walk into the bush, collect the material needed and trying this at home.

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