Sitting in the passenger seat, I watched the world zip by me. Jullian was listening to the radio while paying attention to the road as he drummed the steering wheel with his fingers. Jane was driving her car with Taz behind us.

I closed my eyes with this thought…

WAR is a game that arm-waver likes to play. No one wins, women give birth so that the next generation of soldiers can die for a rich man’s dreams. It is only the poor that suffer this vicious cycle. No one hears the tears of the mother that has lost her child. The cry of a child in the night goes unnoticed for the loss of their parent. The crimes against the innocents go unpunished nor amended. Every night we pray for peace on Earth, yet we seem to be getting further away from that wish.

The sound of thunder caused me to open my eyes …

“An alliance has been made; soon, the fighting will begin. We are heading into dangerous and dark times.” Jullian uttered

“I figured that would happen. And before you ask, no, I will not join your ranks.”

“Bloody h …”

“What I will do is this … I will not be a part of the problem, aka the Fastrial and Earth’s issues, but a solution. I will continue to do my research and science experiences and figure out how to better myself and others. Anyone in need, meaning your alliance, I will do my best to help them out. I will protect the ones that are unable to protect themselves from the Fastrails. And …”

“Why don’t you just join our alliance?”

“Picture it like this, if there was a group and the Sargent told everyone to drop and give him or her 25 push-ups, I would be the one still standing.”

“Everyone follows; it just depends on which side you’re on.”

“I follow the laws that have been handed out; it is what governs our daily lives. Outside of that, it is up to me to determine what I am willing to do. I command my own course of action that best suits my needs.”

“Your efforts are the same as ours!”

“How I do things is different!”

“Zita, you are so bloody stubborn!”

“Meh! … I just do not want big brother to think he can tell me what to do and how to do it!”

“Something tells me that even if he tried, you still would not budge unless you wanted too.”

“Now you are starting to get it!”

“You do realize that you may not have a choice soon. If the alliance agrees, for any reason that your capture is vital, the alliance will do it.”

“Why would you indulge in the idea that I had a choice when you know it is an illusion?”

“You attract more bees with honey than you would with vinegar. Look … things are going to get very deadly. When there is war in any of the other realms, war happens on Earth. This situation is going to get violent; if the leaders choose to lock you up, there is nothing I can do. They will have someone kill you, wait for your soul to ascend out of your body, and then be placed on lockdown where Nana cannot get a hold of you.”

“Is that a guarantee or intimidation?”

“Zita … I don’t want to fight with you; I did not mean it to sound like a threat.”

“You know I do not fear many things; dying is not one of those things. It is closing the door on one life I live to go to the next. What I do fear is that Nana will get her hands on me. Do you promise to keep her away from me?”

“I will do my best to keep you safe and out of harm, but I do not know how much more I can help you?”

“Just promise me you will keep me away from Nana.”

“The alliance will not allow Nana to control you; they will kill you first before that ever happens. As it stands now, you are better suited here. If you were not so stubborn, we could get more things done faster.”

“Good! It appears that you and I have an understanding then. I need to know one thing though, why would the alliance want me so badly?”

“You create your own energy, reliable energy, probably due to your will of endurance! One out of a billion entities can control such power; you are one of the scarce people.
As you can tell, that means there are only seven elementals on Earth. Nana has the majority of the elementals; she has drained them of all of their essences. The alliance has ten strong elementals. What we know of, Nana has roughly 25, which means the remaining are in hiding.
What makes you very different from the rest; you are the only one that we know of that is capable of creating your own power. The norm has to be around their preferred element; you just do your own thing. This can go one of two ways for you, you are feared or desired, for a selected few both feared and wanted!”

“I can understand why your alliance is acting the way you are. Nana has caused so much pain and suffering; she has taken everything that she wants or does not want but is making sure no one gets the item. Then here I am in the middle, hating the opposing side, yet not joining the alliance.”

“It is frustrating; we have no idea what you want, to give it to you, to persuade you to join us!”

“I want only one thing … do not allow Nana to get a hold of my essences! I do not want my identity to be altered and wiped clean. But there is no way in hell I am willing to drop and do 25 push-ups!”


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