1. I do annoy my hubby but in a playful manner. Like saying redonkulous, that word drives him nuts. In return, he will sing the Muppets song Mahna Mahna 😂

    2. There’s a difference between annoying and teasing someone. This quote probably means annoying in a teasing way.

      1. Failing at school and trying to learn the same thing on stranger blogs is quite adventurous I suppose 🙂

      2. Didn’t you just admit your lack of English language skills? Or is it too many people the same account to comment on here?

      3. Oh… Did you just invent those languages in your head or are they real? Quite weird names btw.

      4. After failing at school, you failed on any interaction at blogs as well. You’re welcome to fuck yourself too in this miserable English language skills of yours too.

      5. I bloody survived twelve brain strokes and even after that, I can still walk, write and even use Google. Unlike you who make rude remarks but the be too bloody stupid to search those languages online. But typical haughtiness. Get bloody lost and leave me alone, you narcissistic idiot.

  1. I don’t see reblog button next to the like button. Have you disabled reblogging your posts by others on their own blogs?

      1. Reblog button comes by default with Jetpack unless you have disabled it.

      2. I have searched a lot to find the reblog button, after reading several comments about this issue, there is no reblog button with jetpack, but there is a share button for other social media.

      3. You are probably self-hosting your wordpress website which is out of the scope of WORDPRESS.COM jetpack plugin’s ability to reblog. Sadly, there is no such reblog functionality available for self-hosted wordpress websites. However, if you switch your website to paid plan offered by WORDPRESS.COM, they can definitely help you to incorporate this reblog.

      4. Especially after I had suffered my 12th stroke, I find the new WordPress block editor a pain where I don’t need any. It is just simpler and easier to copy and paste a URL. That allows me to start fresh and not sit with hard-to-edit content in my face, really not the best route on the mobile app.

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