It should be up to the business owners to decide if they want customers to wear a mask or not to wear masks, not the government. Everyone seemed to be happy with less than 15 minutes in a store.

As a citizen, I should have the right to decline to wear a mask (which I refuse to wear one) I make sure that I place my order, and I make sure my order is ready; I am in and out if the store less than 5 minutes.

For a business owner, they should have the right to protect their workers and patrons. If the business owner believes that I am pitting their workers or other patrons at risk because I am refusing to oblige to the mask mandate and ask me to leave, I am okay with that as well.


  1. I admire your honesty . To wear & not wear a mask has been a very sensitive issue but the important thing is that we don’t loose ourselves and we continue to show kindness and respect . Covid 19 is scary but more scarier is when people manifest their anger by physical or verbal means. Respecting ones freedom
    And choice builds trust , it may even bring untidy that we all hope to achieve . Stay safe.

    1. This is very sensitive, indeed, and yes, the worst thing that could happen is if we should lose ourselves. The best way to get threw this is by understanding each side of the coun and coming to a compromise.

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