The Possession” is a 2012 horror movie that is based on real events. The original story was written by Kevin Mannis. Kevin Mannis used the term “Dybbuk Box” to describe a wine cabinet in the item information for an eBay auction. Kevin Mannis described the paranormal events which attributed to the box. 

According to Kevin Mannis, he acquired the box at an estate sale in 2001. He found out that the box belonged to a survivor of the Holocaust named Havaleh. While she was in Spain, Havaleh had purchased the box, from Spain she immigrated to the United States with the box. When Kevin Mannis found out the box had been a family heirloom, he offered to box back to the family. The granddaughter of Havaleh told Kevin Mannis that they did not want the box, she claimed there was a dybbuk inside the box.

Dybbuk is a restless, usually malicious spirit believed to be able to haunt and even possess the living.

When Kevin Mannis opened the box, he found two 1920s pennies, a lock of blond hair bound with cord, a lock of black/brown hair tied with a rope, a small statue engraved with the Hebrew word “shalom” a small golden wine goblet, one dried rosebud, and a single candle holder with four octopus-shaped legs.

Those who had owned the box reported paranormal events; they had experienced nightmares involving an old hag, health issues, and phantom smells, which were usually that of cat urine or jasmine. Iosif Neitzke, the last person to auction the box on eBay, claimed that the box was the cause of lights to burn out, and his hair falls out. Jason Haxton, Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri, bought the box.

After Jason Haxton developed health issues, he had consulted a rabbi to figure out a way to seal the dybbuk box. After the box had been successfully resealed again, Jason Haxton hid the box for a while before donating it to Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures, to display in his museum.

I am a sucker for anything that is based on a true story add in horror, hands down I will watch it even if the ratings say the movie sucks. The movie was good, but not good enough for me to watch again. It was overdramatized, but what makes a true story better, the extra fabrication of an event.

I am not a big fan of Zak Bagans, it feels to me that he is more about theatricals verse real investigation. He is spending more time trying to convince you everything is real, I know that sometimes there are logical explanations to events that are going on. Needless to say, I did hunt down, on youtube, the episode where he is talking about the dybbuk box.

Skeptics would say that we are already trained to look for adverse circumstances, especially if we hear stories about misfortune. If you believe in a cursed box and bad things happen, you will say that it is the cause of a dybbuk box to explain what is going on around you.

Do I believe that there is a dybbuk trapped inside the box Kevin Mannis had owned? I do not know! I would have to have the box in my possession to do my own investigation.


  1. After reading this, I am intrigued by this film! It sounds a bit like the Pandora’s Box story from Greek mythology, but with a spooky twist…even scarier that it is based on a real story! Thank you for sharing 😊✨

    1. If you are a sucker for horror movies with paranormal aspects, you might like this movie. It was good for a one time watch just don’t watch it before you go to bed lol

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