“There you are love, do you have your things packed for the trip?”
“Jullian, I am going to kick you in the balls if you call me love one more time!”
Jullian was laughing, “I have a few people I would like to introduce to you.” Looking over his shoulder, arm up in the air to signal his location TAZ!”

I am not joking … this huge biker like man strolled over to us with this petite lady following him. It took everything in me not to start chuckling. I had to tilt my head upwards to look at this seven-foot-tall giant in the eyes. In a deep voice, I hear, “You must be Zita!” His hand went out in a greeting motion. Taz’s hand swallowed up my small little hand. Me without a filter of any kind, I was like, “You are like a human giant!”

Taz laughed, “and I have six toes on each foot as well.”

“I need to see this!” I am so not joking, Taz took off his shoes and showed me. He had six toes on each foot. “That is so cool!” Of all the things I can say, that is what came out of my mouth.

After Taz put on his shoes, he introduced his wife to me as Jane. Later on, I found out that Jane was a youth councillor, her primary focus was keeping run-aways off the streets and out of gangs. Taz dabbled in the art of Voodo, operating his own shop, which he shared with his brother.

Tents were being propped up for those that were spending the night. The bonfire was a blazing, individual groups had their own conversations going. I gazed into the fire, hypnotized, entranced by the movement of the flames.

“What did you see, love?”

A sweet familiar voice brought me back to reality. Jane had been crouched beside me on the ground. Keeping my eyes fixated on the dancing fire, I replied to Jane’s question, “nothing good!”

“When Taz does this, in his half-conscious state, he can speak with the dead. That is why we are here, he was told that you are on a dangerous journey that will require his assistance.”

I gave her a half cricket smile, “I do not know if dangerous is a strong enough word to describe the hellish life I have had. We will go with that for now, though.”

“If it is anything like what we have experienced, then we know the type of life you have. We are always willing to help out our brothers or sisters get throw their hard times. We have lost more than we have gained, the battle is real. Sometimes we have fallen so low that we want to give up. That is when we give our heads a shake and realize that nothing would ever change if we gave up. You, Jullian, Taz, us all,” Jane pointed to the group of people. “We fight a battle that is different than any living person that lives on Earth. We fight for causes that plague humankind, and we fight the order of the dead. We fight when we are asleep, we fight when we are awake, the battle is on both sides … we do not rest. That is why we must stick together at all times. What you saw in the fire, the not good, can you tell me what it was?”

I brought my attention back to the fire, “Buildings on fire falling to the ground, war, a lot of individuals crying. Anger building up and exploding, neither side of the world wants to see other needs, disrespect, a fight for dominance. While this is all going on, the real issue is getting ready to attack all humans.” I looked at Jane for just a moment, I wanted to see if she was still listening to me. “Death is coming for us! While we are fighting each other, disrespecting each other, the land, water and air. Killing everything that is in our way, Death is getting ready to strick, the plagues are just waiting. We, humans, are pathing the way for them to come back. The Us’Us are reclaiming their world!”

“It has begun!”

“I think so!”

“How much time do we have?”

“Death and the Us’Us have joined forces, now they are having conversations with the Akkadians. If all are in agreement, there is nothing that can get in their way. As one group … they are going to be unstoppable!”

“They need two more key elements!”


“All of the forgotten and you!”

“The forgotten?”

Jane smiled, “They would be of the bloodline of the fallen, Us’Us and Akkadians, reborn and walking around the Earth now. Not everyone has woken up yet, but our brothers and sisters are starting to gather and recruit. Jullian has been trying to get you recruited for over a year now, he calls you the wild card.” Jane started to chuckle, “Your refusal to join, has ruffled the feathers of the Akkadians’, the Us’Us are questioning what is in your mind, deaths brothers and sisters are laughing. Death says you are more like them than any other group, rogue! The only thing that matters, you are not allied with, what do you call them again, the parasites!”

“The Fastrial, Zeragill’s and Bayair’s! If you think about it, it is only the Fastrial and Bayairs. The Fastrial and Zeragills are pretty much the same group.”

“Technically, we are all similar, just different generations. We are all born from the bloodline Fastrial and Us’Us. Our mother, Fastrial and father Us’Us.”

“Many generations later, and we still have family issues!”

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