Could you go a week without your cell phone, or tablet?

I already have when I went camping.


    1. It is incredible how a small object can affect us this way. I used to take my phone everywhere I went, once I realize this, I had to train myself to leave my phone at home. My friends would go nuts because I would not carry my phone everywhere. I challenged my friends to do the same, none of them could do it!
      Glad you enjoyed my post

      1. It’s like a tether, isn’t it? Life was so much more calm without them. As it is, I miss so many texts and calls when it is in my purse as I don’t hear it. I realize I carry it now, as I am an old lady to let my hubby know where I am so he doesn’t worry…

  1. Easily, I did it for almost all of 2019 and then some in 2019. And again earlier this year. Many days I don’t even know where in this huge house I had put down my phone.

  2. Wow Zita that is very incredible, congratulations. Yes I went with no phone on two occasions one time it was for more than a month and second time it was for 11 days.

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