All lives matter

Modern slavery or contemporary slavery can be forced labour, marriage and exploitation. Slavery is still alive, and so many do not know or could care less!

While groups are fighting for equal rights and a better quality of life, modern slavery is never talked about! Black slavery is always mentioned, but no one contemplates what is going on now. We are so stuck on what happened in the past, yet we can not open our eyes and see what is going on now. Traffickers could care less about your ages, gender, where you came from nor the colour of your skin. People scream and fight all the time, but where is your humanity?

You might say … but it is not my problem; it is not in my country! You are wrong, slavery is in your country and very much alive.

Forced marriages happen more frequently, then you would believe. One or both parties have no choice in the matter. It is also considered a forced marriage if one of the parties wants to leave but is not allowed. Forced marriages are also a matter of human rights abuse, infringing on the laws of the individual’s freedom and independence.

Forced marriage is happening in both first and third world countries. Millions of girls and young women around the world are married against their will before 18 years old. 

Girls may go to school; it is the law in privileged countries. Once the young girl walks into their home and closes the doors, it is a different world; their life is subdued. For the norm, the outside world mimicks the world inside our homes. 

At a young age, little girls are taught the ideals of honour and shame; this is the sole reason why girls marry early. If the young lady can escape from this world, they are in; her parents and siblings eyes, disown. The family will view them as shameful, dishonourable, even poisonous. Some families will also go to the extent of killing, calling it an honour killing. 

The article below, it is over a year old, but still worth reading

Forced prostitution is also known as involuntary prostitution; it refers to conditions of control over somebody dominating another to engage in sexual activity. Men, women and children fall victim to this crime, although women represent the majority of victims. Forced prostitution is a breach of an individual’s rights of movement through restraint and because of their commercial exploitation. Nearly all countries, under the customary law, forced prostitution is illegal. The prostitution of children is illegal almost everywhere in the world. 

Human trafficking can be found internationally; this is not just a third world issue. Human trafficking is not only for forced prostitution, but it also can relate to forced labour (involuntary servitude), debt bondage, forced marriage, extraction of organs jor tissues.

In the United States, the top worst states for human trafficking are California, New York and Texas. Canada, Nova Scotia has the highest rate of human trafficking. Pakistan, Thailand, China, India, and Bangladesh are the top countries for human trafficking.

Legal Slavery ended in 1865; today, the practice of Slavery is still alive. Unemployment, poverty, crime, discrimination, corruption, political conflict individuals in these situations are more vulnerable to forced labour. Immigrants are particularly vulnerable, but individuals are also often taken into work by someone they know. Individuals are pushed into forced labour throw violence, threats, lies, and debt bondage to intimidate victims.

In Canada, men, women and children have been victims of forced labour. Foreign citizens, LGBTQ2S and homeless youths are often the targets of traffickers. There is roughly 50,000 individual forced to work against their will in the US. Victims of forced labour are trafficked into the US from various countries, although the majority originate in India, China, Mexico and Vietnam. This is not to say that citizens of the US are not forced into Slavery, the majority of the recruited are runaways.


  1. Very true, I like the point on forced marriages as slavery. It’s a sad reality that it still exists today. I see it in rural parts of our country.

    1. In our era, forced marriage should not be a thing. I am hoping that individuals that do not know that this is going on, this article opens their eyes.

      Thank you for leaving a message and taking the time to read my post

  2. All live matter. Great post! My third JD Cordell novel is going to delve into the seedy world of human trafficking. It will be a work of course, but this issue needs to be brought out into the light.

    1. There is a lot of information out there about human trafficking. My next couple of posting for ‘the real me’ is going to be digging deep into the different categories of slavery. And I will be giving out information on organizations that do help out victims.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and leaving a message 😁

  3. Thanks for sharing this. People are so engrossed in their own world to truly see and care about the many kinds of abuse and slavery going around their communities. I live in a California, & to realize human trafficking is so rampant here is both a shock and embarrassment. First world countries are suppose to protect the oppressed but looks like it is no exception when it comes to lust and evil . As for forged marriages , we need to create laws that will stop it from happening.

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