Who are the Anunnaki? 


From the Sumerian era, the Anunnaki were influential individuals. It is inconsistent, sometimes disclaiming how many Anunnaki there were and what position they performed. One thing that might explain their role comes from the word “Shumer” Translated from Sumerian; it means “Watchers.”

One thing is sure, from the artifacts that have been found, studied and translated. The Anunnaki are descendants of Anu and Ki; they were the god of the heaven and goddess of the Earth. Working together to ensure there was an order, Anu governed over the skys, and all Anunnaki and humans. Ki resided on Earth and was Anu’s consort.


What did the Anunnaki look like?

In many ways, the Anunnaki resembled humans, except for a few differences. The Anunnaki were said to be very tall; their exact height was never revealed. They had an extra digit for a finger and toe. And the Anunnaki had a shimmer of brightness to them.

Where did these beings come from? 

The suggestion comes from the word “heaven,” symbolizing the sky how the Anunnaki descendant down to Earth is not told. Other great empires have drawings that appear to be air crafts. Technology that should not exist for that time.


Were the Anunnaki god and goddess or maybe aliens with superpowers?

For a second, let us go back 3 millennia if you were to look up and see something that resembled your appearance and offering guidance and protection. You would think that they were superior as well. My children think I am a goddess with an endless supply of money, offering them the things they need to survive everyday living. And I will live forever! It comes down to this; I do not have physical proof of their existence. I can only go on the information that I have read from professionals. I think that there is enough evidence to prove that there was some being that came from the skys, are they superior to us? We possess technology that mimics theirs, for that era, that would have brought on the impression of supremacy! 


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