“Zita, we would like to do a small test, the thing is we need you to agree to this test for it to be done?”
“Jullian, what is it that you would like me to do?”
“Well … see, it involves you leaving your property for a while!”
“Not convinced, Jullian!”
“You would be up at my cottage for the duration of this test!”
“Not convinced!”
“We just want to see how long your influence on the land will last. Once there is a sign of trouble, you are shipped back.”
“Goodbye, Jullian!”
“WHAT do not hang up yet! Brianna agreed that she would go over and care for and help out with the animals …”
“Okay, So someone in the household will go over and help out with the animals. Brianna will be like a 911 phone call away, and you have seen her driving skills when she is mad!”
“Okay, now that is funny and true!”
“Peter will be protected, you just have to agree to this little test!”
“And who is going to be at the cottage with me? I know I will not be there alone!”
“Well, you are going to have a few babysitters. You will have me for the first week, the second week will be Taz and his wife plus myself.”
“What if it goes longer than that?”
“Then it looks like you will be stuck with me longer.”
“You really are not wanting this test to happen!” I could not help myself; I was laughing so hard.
“Peter is on board for this plan!”
“You know you love me!”
“In your dreams!”
“I do love to dream!”
“Good-bye, Jullian!”
“Wait, is it a yes or no?”

I hung up on Jullian and headed over to the main house, thinking that is where Peter might be. Opening the door, I found Peter at the kitchen table, working on his paper. “Eh penny for a thought?”
“Did the good professor get a hold of you?”
“Jullian … yeah, he did! His hairball science experience … it is almost tempting to test out!”
“What are you thinking?”
“I do not know … after what happened with the vehicles …”
“That was almost a week ago, to be honest, you could be here and if we leave this property … anything could happen!”
“They are dangerous! The worst part is, I can see them and sense them if my eyes do not see. But … you are a sitting duck! You are all I have left, if anything happens to you I will lose my mind!”
“I know!”
“What do you think I should do?”
“I think … you should go to the cottage with the good professor. I did a background check on him a long time ago. The only thing against him is a lot of speeding tickets. Use this time to relax and enjoy nature. Which, by the way, I know you love it! I have caught you feeding the deers around here, I will make sure they get food from time to time. Besides, Jullian promised me nothing would happen to you.”

My phone started to ring, “EH!”
“My house this weekend, Saturday, bring a lawn chair and favourite drink. This is going to be a small party!”
“Brianna … when you say small party, it always involves 20 or more people.”
“If you come, there is a guarantee Sally will not show, and she has been calling me again.”
“So, I am the bouncer?”
“If that is what you want to call it! It is the Civic long weekend, Sally knows that I always have a party, I need you!”
“What time?”
“Done deal!”
“Before you go, bring the father and his wife if they can get a sitter for the babe!”
“I will pass on the message!” I hung up the phone and looked at Peter. “Brianna is having a party this weekend are you interested?”
“We will think about it! Do you need help packing up your things for the trip?”
“Nah, but a suitcase would be great!”
“No problems … I have to go talk to you later!”
“Talk to you later!”

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