I am one of seven billion people that use the Internet on a regular basis. So when I say I do not go on to Facebook, it really does not make much of a difference to the owner of of Facebook.

I choose not to go on to Facebook for an important reason. Back when the COVID was starting to become a big deal, and everyone would only speak of the damage it was causing, I chose to take a different direction. Three times I posted videos of individuals beating the COVID and leaving the hospital with clapping and cheering from hospital workers. Three times my posts had been deleted with a message from Facebook, saying my posts go against their rules and it was offensive.

What was offensive to me was how left-right and center fear could be spread, and no one says a thing. Put something uplifting and positive, and Facebook deems it inappropriate.

This is not the first time I have had issues with Facebook. So the article that I found is not surprising.



  1. I call it ” brain drain.” Facebook themselves have lost control of the content. Scams are overwhelming with Advertisements. Plus porn. How on earth this year has been on overdrive during Cov19.

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