When I finally got 100 followers, I told myself, I will have 200 followers before I arrive at my first anniversary of blogging. That was May 21st I set that goal, my first anniversary is in four weeks.

Thank you to my fellow bloggers for helping me achieve this goal 😍


  1. I have seen people with hundreds of thousands of followers on blogs and its just a matter of time when you’d reach that too. If you ask me, I prefer quality over quantity. If there is only one follower and genuinely enjoys my content, I feel accomplished at sharing.

  2. I just noticed one thing on your blog and probably I pointed that out earlier too. There is no REBLOG button which allows bloggers to share your stories with their own followers. That way your readership increases by many folds.

      1. I am not sure why you do not see on your side the reblog icon, on my side, it is there 🤔 I am a little confused

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