I actually understand why Mr. Ford is doing this. It sucks, but I understand!



    1. I have been reading reports about what is going on in the US and if it is bloody scary. We (Canada) are getting better; hopefully, by September, there will be few to no cases!

      1. It is scary: especially when I see how few people are obeying the new law here in CA on masks. I cannot understand why they refuse to wear masks, knowing that the 2nd wave is already here. I think it is lack of education, and lack of empathy. How to solve those two problems… ??

      2. Lol, I don’t go out to populated areas, I have an elderly couple next door I don’t want them to get sick.
        Masks are not mandatory, but social distancing is. I never was a social bug, so my group has always been small.

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