I heard the slamming of a vehicle door and then a knock on my door, with Jullian entering my home. “You missed it, Brianna clocked Benjamin in the jaw for what he said to you.”
I snorted and shook my head, trying to hide the smile on my face. “What he said to me was true, though; people get hurt around me.”
“That might be true, but the puddle of piss had to wait to do anything until you were nowhere in the location. Come here!” Jullian placed me in a bear hug, “We need to be sensible, let me talk to my contacts and figure out what the next move should be.”

A rap on the door, and Peter walked in, “We need to talk!”
“Crystal and Rebecca, alright?”
“Yes, they are … Eh, Jullian!”
“You know I hate it when you do that!”
“I know that is why I do it!”
“Both of you go to different corners now!”
Both Jullian and Peter started to laugh and shook hands, “it is good that you are well, how is your truck, man?”

Peter rubbed his hands together, looked back and forth from myself and Jullian. Sympathy, that is what his eyes told me, “That is what I came to talk to you about Zita. Crystal is very shaken up over this. Every one of us had our tires flatted except her car.”
“I know, I understand how you feel!”
“I don’t think you do, you are like my sister Zita, I don’t want to see any harm come to you. I just don’t know how much longer I can do this …”
“I understand I’ll …”
“Don’t cut me off, let me finish!”
“People could have been hurt today! My truck was parked at the church, they came on to a property of holy worship, sacred grounds, and attacked my truck! The only one that was not affected was Crystal, why?”

Jullian placed his hand up in the air as if he was in school to be chosen to answer the teacher’s question. “I can answer that question, your church is not on holy grounds. It is not protected, it is just another building, it means nothing to any group of entities. The reason Crystal’s car could not be attacked was because of Zita. Zita has the Us’Us attention, NaNa will not go on to grounds that the Us’Us have claimed or …”

The light bulb was turned on, I clued into what Jullian was getting at, “or here! I am protecting the land by extending my energy throw the land. One of the Us’Us showed me how they did it, and I mimicked the same actions.” I sat down on my couch, gazing off into the abyss. “NaNa and her gang cannot come here. I am a force of nature that she is not able to control, but off of this area, she is more than capable of causing havoc.”

“We believe that NaNa is under the impression that you are allied with the Us’Us, which means she can do no harm to the sacred land.”
“Ummm, who are the Us’Us?”
“To sum it up, Us’Us are the remaining entities of the originals, their family plus servants that came to earth; they helped life become what we see today. NaNa and her army challenged the Us’Us for supremacy over earth. There was a massive war, with being equally strong in numbers and power, the battles went on for centuries. In the end, an agreement was brought to the table. Both sides signed the agreement, obviously! Us’Us had their land, and NaNa had hers. For the animals, they had the right to choose which side they wanted to be on. It was 50/50, but slowly the Us’Us lost sway to NaNa, and there was nothing they could do. There is no proof, but many believe that NaNa was fearful of an uprise against her, so she made plans to silence those that could challenge her position. AKA The descendants of the originals, she has been killing them off one at a time. The ones that have not been affected are waking up, and the Us’Us are trying hard to get to them before NaNa finds them. This is were Zita comes into play; she is one of the hundreds that are waking up or are awake. Zita is not only talented; she is very wayward with a strong will to survive. Unknowingly she has taped into old powers that have been hidden for millennia. She can challenge the laws that govern all living and non-living things if she wills that raw material.”
Peter started to laugh, “so Zita is a god?”
“No! Elemental! And not just a regular elemental, one that can make her own energy. Most elementals need any outside source, but Zita is very rare, she looks inside herself to produce such strength.” Jullian paused for a second, “Everything you have ever known about gods, it is based on half-truths. NaNa and her organization have manipulated history, but not all of our history has been erased and altered. Sorry man, but she killed many known gods and their wives, the majority of their offspring. Those that remain are other imprisoned or hiding. The Us’Us is made up of the remainders of the originals and spirits of the humans that were devoted to their lords and masters.”
“And you?” Peter asked with much irritation in his voice.
“My friend and lord, Jazzgoth!” Jullian replied
“Myself, as always, it has always been to me. I will never bow to anyone.” I took a deep inhale of oxygen, “Peter, you bring many people together every Sunday. You preach of peace, love and harmony; those are qualities that each and every person needs in their lives. It does not matter what you believe, or if you go to a church to pray, all that matters is that you believe in peace, love and harmony. Never lose sight of your path, and I will not either.” I brought my attention to Jullian, “Where is Jazzgoth now?”
“He is with the Us’Us and his brothers!”
“What is he doing there?”
“They are speaking of an uprise … war! If Natar … “
“The crazy Bayair Queen!” I whisper.
“… does not take out NaNa when she attacks, Jazzgoth and his brothers will. Us’Us, the awaken, and Jazzgoth plus his brothers make a strong force.”
“You mean Akkadia, not Jazzgoth plus brothers!”

“And Zita, what about you?”
“Peter… Everything that I have seen been throw … I am sick and tired of NaNa sending someone after my friends and me. It is getting easier to help the Us’Us. Today is just one more push towards wanting to fight.”
“I don’t know Zita … how much more of this I can take!”
“I understand, I can pack …”
“No … how much more I can take watching you get hurt. I mean, I will always preach about harmony, but teaching the bible as if it is to be literal, I don’t think I can do that!”
“Peter, the book was never to be taken literally but stories that had happened. Our past, our ancestors, humans and entities coming together, building a relationship based on co-existing together in peace and harmony. That is what the storytellers wanted to tell the future generations. Somewhere in history, someone’s perception of the bible became twisted, and now the real message of the story is lost. It is now your job as the storyteller to bring back the true meanings behind the stories. It is my job to figure out what I need to do next!”

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