We had left the tattoo shop late in the afternoon, walking to the truck we noticed that all the tires were flat. There would have been no need for concern if it had been just one tire, but this was all of them. Calling up Peter, I found out that his truck had all his tires flattened. Brianna was the same scenario. Okay, message received!

An hour later, Jullian and I were back on the road. Both of use had been silent the majority of the time. I did not need him to tell me what he was thinking about. He knew just like I did who had ordered this attack. NaNa’s pettiness was annoying and effective. It had pushed the right buttons. NaNa probably figured out that I was the one that freed two of her food sources from the holes of despair and depression. What I would do next was is up in the air, I really do not have a plan. I do know one thing, I was not going to fall prey to her.

I know a strong leader when I see one, she may be a terrible one, but she has a lot of power behind her. I, on the other hand, have talents and rebellious nature. That is not enough when you are backed up into a corner. I had to be smarter, alert, and, if possible, one step ahead of her.

Jullian pulled his truck into Brianna’s parking lot, “why are we here?”
“I need to get a few things, and then we will be on the road again!” Jullian said as he closed the door.

I hopped out of the truck, spotting Benjamin coming from the back of the house with tools in his hands. “Brianna has you fixing things around the house again, I see!”
“Baby brother to the rescue as always!”
“How are the children doing?”
“They are doing great, they love their new school and peaceful life.” Benjamin stopped rate in front of me, looking at the ground. “You need to leave here, I know that you are different, I get that! … In the past, we had our issues with the dead, but nothing huge ever happened. All of our vehicles had flat tires, all of them!”
“I get it!”
“Do you? … I have the children living with me now! … They do not need to see any of this! … You bring …”
“I get it, I really do!”
“I do not think you do …”
“This is what they do! I have lost family, friends … everything! Anytime I am around someone for a long period, shit happens, and it is never good!”
“Why can you not do a damn thing, live a normal life and let things be!”
“I tried that several times, and you know what happens … they try to kill me!”
“You are going to get everyone killed because you just can’t do as you are told!”
“I get it your scared and pissed … but taking it out on me … that is low, even for you.”

I had to leave this property before I broke down and started to cry out of anger. I headed for the trails that connected our properties. I heard Jullian yelling at me, “where are you going?” I turned my head just enough to see Brianna and Jullian standing near Benjamin. “Ask Benjamin, he has a lot to say!”


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