I found on Amazon, a bidet, for 69.99 CDN$! For the last five days we have been using and I love it. Hubby does not love it but is slowly liking it. My oldest daughter likes the fact that we are heading in the route of not wasting, but straight out refuses to use it. She jumps into the shower to get clean. The middle daughter is scared of it, so she wets the cloths that I had boughten. My son who is three laughs every time he uses it.

To install the hot and cold toilet bidet was very easy, took less then ten minutes. I know I could have gotten a cheaper bidet, but I did not want something cold hitting my rump. I think the cheapest bidet that I saw was 30$ CDN The only downside of this is, it is not geared for small children’s bottoms.

I wish that I had known about this a long time ago, but going waste free in a household does take time. The best part is my family is willing to follow suit with me. Hip hip hooray for the next generation that will be waste free.


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