Some of us may have come across someone with this personality. You know someone that pretends to have a particular belief or opinion, yet that person really does not. They will say, “Oh, I care so much about the environment,” as they are littering. I will pass judgement on this example and call them a hypocrite!

What about the individual that says he or she is a Christian but partakes in acts that would be considered a sin? Let’s say having multiple partners? Would you consider them a hypocrite?
In this situation, I would not, I believe this to be an active part of human nature! I only hope that type of person is honest with the people they are interacting with and uses protection. Others may pass judgement in a different light.

I am pro-life but also believe that the death penalty should be brought back; does this make me a hypocrite? With just that bit of information, yes, you bet your petty change it does!

The point I am making is, at some point in our lives, we all have been a hypocrite, some more than others


  1. Interesting and thought provoking post. I think, though, that some subjects are too broad and contain too many variables to be viewed in such binary terms. For instance, if you are pro-life but can see where there might occasionally be circumstances where ending a pregnancy might be justified or a medical necessity, i.e. the fetus is not viable or resulted from a rape. I would not consider such a view hypocritical.

    1. I am pro life but I do see in situations were abortions are needed along with death by dignity.
      I did this post because it does get your mind working.

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