It felt like fifteen minutes of Jullian taping away at his keyboard and sipping on his coffee. `Have you picked up on anything different

“Every time my mind goes to the cellar, I see tunnels. I hear dripping of water, shuffling of feet, mumbling of words. Somehow the cellar and this tunnel are linked, I believe so where not to far from here there is a man-made tunnel. I am getting the feeling the tunnels that were made powered up this portal that is here. The natives, they had their gods and goddess, correct?”


“Those entities would have been the originals that grew with the Earth, correct?”

“What are you getting at Zita?”

“I am starting to think that a long time ago, way way back, the original entities had a connection with the individuals. The ceremonies that were held are still here, kept a door opened at all times. Over the centuries that have gone by, it has grown in size and strength. I do not feel like this place is harmful in any way but more neutral! I am starting to think that this is a forgotten pathway by many. I believe the children have stumbled across this door and like playing here.”

“Then why did you bolt up the stairs?”

“It felt like something was watching me in the shadows that were about to attack! By nature, it is neutral, but …”

“It was protecting its domain!”

“Yeah! I definitely was not welcomed down there.”

“Do you want to go down there again with me?”

Dark, cold, creepy and the feeling of not belonging in the cellar. Pushing all this aside, I get to work doing what I do best … irritating others and bending the rules to suit me!

“Who are you?”


“Why are you here?”

“My home!”

“Did you let the two children in this shop?”


“Do the children come down here?”


“Do. You. Like. the children?”


“Can you respond with more than two words sentences?”

“Get out now!”

“Just one more question, do you travel from here to other locations throw a man-made underground tunnel?”


I relied the information I gathered to Jennifer, summing everything up for her. There is no way the portal can be closed because it was not made by any human but by an ancient entity. I did not think that the entity was going to cause any harm; it was just by chance that their shop was built on the same location as this portal. For the children, they were harmless, but if they were going to be allowed to stay needed to follow ground rules that Jennifer set. If they chose not to listen, the set consequences that Jennifer set would be followed throw. Li Na, she has done nothing. She is just very attached to what was and has yet to accept what has happened.

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