I studied the group, “So… do you want the good news first or bad news?”

“Good news!” Johnathan mumbled

“Well, you’re not crazy!” I clapped my hands together before I continued. “There is a lady here, Li Na, she fell down the stairs and died here. She is not happy that her daughter sold the business to go to school to become a nurse. And I saw two children that were playing. Li Na told me that they were undisciplined children from hell; they were the cause of her falling down the stairs.”

“That’s Yu Yan, mom!” Jennifer commented.

“She would have been the owner of the shop that sold antique and rare items?” I wanted to confirm my suspicions.

“Yes!” Jason answered

“Okay! So, when Li Na said the children from hell, I think she meant it figuratively. There is a massive portal in the cellar. When I opened the door, I was slammed with energy. It was not until I got to the center of the cellar that I realized I walked into a portal. How big the portal is, I honestly have no clue, but I suspect that it was here before this building was constructed.”

“So what do we do? I don’t like these things being here!” Jason said

“The thing is you can not permanently close this portal; there is a lot of energy going into and out of the cellar. What you could do, though, is influence the negative and positive sensations that you are experiencing. For Li Na, I think she just needs to accept that her daughter Yu Yan wanted something different from her life. When it comes down to it, she is harmless. As of now, the two children… I would not let go of the railing going up or down the stairs. I do not think that they are horrible, but I would not trust them other.”

“What is going to come out if the portal?” Jennifer asked me


Johnathan sounded kind of freaked out, “So are we in danger of being here?”

“Yes and no!”

Jennifer cut me off, “meaning?”

“Think of it this way customers come in and out of your shop all the time. Some of them you like and others you cannot wait for them to leave. That is the same as the portal.”

“So, there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop them from coming here!”

I thought for a second; you did not need to be a rocket scientist to see they felt uncomfortable with the idea of spirits coming and going. “You have to open your doors to the public in a couple of minutes. Jullian and I will go to a coffee shop and discuss what can be accomplished to bring more peace to your lives.”

“I can make a pot of coffee, and you can use upstairs if you wish?” Jennifer offered.

“I will have to put more change in the meter. I only put a dollar worth in it.” Julian said as he headed to the door.

I followed Jennifer upstairs, “I was expecting there to be talks of cameras and gadgets and a overnight walk throw. What you did was a lot different then what I had expected.”

“That is only needed if you are looking for proof to validate your claims. All I need is to be alone; I am good at picking up energy.” I watched Jennifer move around her small kitchen. “Jason seems to be most affected by the spirits, does he realize he has abilities to sense the dead?”

“Yes, and he hates it; he wants it to go away!”

I sat at the table, “I do not blame him one bit at all.”

“Do you do this for a living?”

“Nah! Julian asked if I would help out. I did something like this well over a year ago for our friend Brianna. Her friend Ash was having a lot of troubles and asked to see what I could do.”

“What happened with that situation?”

“After a while, the family moved. The place was very hostile, unlike here as of now!”

“So it could get worse?”

“Out of ten this second, you are at a five. Like a storm, it can turn ugly fast. So yes, it can get dangerous, and I do not trust the children that are running around rapid. Other they have no concept of personal space, or they are trying to play me as a fool.”

We could hear footsteps before Jullian appeared on the upper floor. He sat his laptop on the table. Grabbing a cup of coffee for both of us. “Is the password still the same, Jen?”

“It is! If you need anything, I will be downstairs.” Jennifer said before leaving both of us.”


      1. It is very challenging to make each chapter from the realm to be less than 3 minutes of reading time, but I love the challenge

      2. Is that the time you’ve set yourself? I know that I read pretty quickly, so, I’d hate to have to try and assess what optimal speed read is?

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