Jullian glares at me with a questionable look, “are you a thousand and one percent positive you want to do this?”

“Only fools are positive; I am sure I want to do this!”

I open the truck door and look at the tattoo shop in front of me. Julian drops coins into the meter, leading me to the front door of the shop. He previously asked if I wanted to take a field trip to a friend of a friend’s tattoo shop and check things out.

I shock Jennifer’s hand and asked if she minded me walking around by myself. With a nod of her head and a yes, I was away.

At first, everything seemed reasonable; the four cubicles appeared untouched. I went back to the front desk were Jullian, Jennifer, and her husband, Johnathan, were chatting. A small boy was on his hands and knees peering around the desk; he would have been fivish of age. I heard a little girl run from the hallway, saying, “found you!” She would have been roughly seven.

A man came into the shop, “did you see that?”

Jennifer was like, “what?” At the same time, I said, “yep!”

Jennifer had introduced me to Jason, one of her employees. Shaking his hand with a simple hello, I headed towards the hallway. There was a flight of stairs going up and a doorway to my left, heading into the cellar. I could hear Jason telling others what he saw when opening the door.

Their conversation was not interesting to me; the shadow that I saw zip by at the top of the stairs was. The upper floor had been turned into Jennifer and Johnathan’s living sections.

The lady knew I could see her. Introducing herself to me as Li Na, she had owned the unit before the new owners. She told me how she had fallen down the stairs and died. She was not happy how her only child sold the business to go off to school to become a nurse. Li Na spent decades working hard to build a life for herself and her daughter, excepting her to continue the business.

I asked Li Na what kind of business she had. Antiques and rare items! I then asked her how she fell down the stairs; I had a feeling it had to do more than a heart attack or simple clumsiness. She pointed to the children and said, “undisciplined children from hell!”

I went down the stairs to the door that led to the cellar. Areas like this always give people the creeps. Turning the knob, I got blasted with a wave of energy.

I got to the bottom of the steps, screeching like a pansy, Jullian bolted to the door way. “What is wrong?”

“A bloody fat spider fell from the ceiling and landed on my face!”

Julian laughed so hard as he walked back to the group. He did not see me flipping him the bird, but I am sure he knew that I did.

The lights started to flicker as I moved to the center of the cellar. Even the light on the area seemed so dark. This was beginning to feel like Ash’s house all over again. The difference was the portal was under Ash’s house, the whole caller was a portal. The size and energy tell me this has been here for a very long time. If I had to guess, this building was built after the portal was created.

I bolted up the stairs as if my life depended on getting out, shutting the door with a slam.

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