The main topic has been the Black Lives Matter movement! For the longest time, I have been fighting not to speak out and say a damn thing. I just can not stay silent any longer! What happened to George Floyd was unspeakable, Derek Chauvin deserves to rot in prison for his actions.

All lives matter!

What keeps racism spreading is speaking about it, acting on it, we keep racism alive! For the 40 years I have been walking this Earth, I have heard terms that are linked to racism left right and centre in one week versus my whole life.

I am the one that looks ignorant, but my mother did not speak ill of anyone’s colour of skin, she spoke ill of their actions. Her belief was this, the more you speak of evil, the more evil will prevail. And she is correct! I moved to the city so that my children would be around more diversity so that they can learn to respect all existences!

The more we pull out the race card, the longer racism will survive. The longer we show no respect for diversity, the more prolonged hatred will survive. When I read Black Lives Matter, my brain is telling me that they are promoting racism. It is like seeing a protest and reading a sign that says no guns, no violence. My mind is registering; they are promoting guns and violence. If you are going to send the right message, promote life and peace. Have a sign that says all lives matter, or peace on earth. That is sending a positive, not a negative message.


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