It was late in the afternoon when there was pounding on my door. This was Jullians signature knocking, a way to let the person on the other side know he was about to enter. I was working on burning dinner when I yelled at Jullian to enter my domain.

“Are you out of your bloody mind, love?” He said as he rushed over to hug me and kiss on my head.

“I am burning the sauce for the noodles. Get the plates and forks ready!”

I turned off the burner, strained the noodles and waited for Jullian to have my two-seated table ready for us. “How about you tell me why you were so pissed this morning?”

Between each mouth full of food, I got an unwanted educational lesson.

“First off, I would like to see the key!” Holding the key, Jullian’s made a strange scrunched up expression. “Whoever gave you this key is asking for a touched death sentence. This is a master key to all portals, all levels everything that is not good!”


“You have to understand, the two souls you released were doomed to suffer for eternity with their guilt. Never to be released, and you did the unthinkable. The guardian of that location is on a rampage.”

It was my turn to make the ‘WTF’ look.

“NaNa does not get a lot of energy off of happy souls. Happy souls are reborn! There are more misery and suffering in this world. What she did to you, she has done to countless humans. She breaks them down; when they creak, she convinces them to kill themselves. That human is then stuck in their own personal hell. That hell then fuels her interests.”


“She will use anything and everything to get what she wants. A human just has to feel an ounce of guilt, and Nana will weave that to her will. No one in their right mind has ever challenged her, except you know. Which by the way, she does not know it was you. She has sent her hounds to find out who did it.”

“What about the contract that she and ancients signed?”

“Centuries of lies, deceit and manipulation… Only those that were there at the beginning remember. Bayawah is trying to get back the old ways where there is more of a balance between the realms… You are not original, but you are one of the strongest and most wild.”

“What can I say, the winds tell me to turn my back and follow the roots!”

“At least you can hear the order.”

“Can I be honest with you?”


“I really got a kick out of releasing the two spirits; I am going to do it again. Life afterlife, I have been filled with anger and the desire for revenge. Everything I have tried had brought nothing but more blood. Jumping around, plans and plots have failed, slipping throw the cracks just to repeat everything all over again. I am done! What I did was amazing, and I loved it.”

“Would you be willing to join the order?”

“Answer this, have I attacked you or your brothers and sisters?”

“No! If anything, you have been a great asset.”

“That is the closest I get to joining a group.”

“Well if you are going to stir the hornet’s nest, you are going to need help.”

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