“What have you done?” Jillian’s voice ringed in my ear. He so loaded I could bring the cell phone away from my ear, and I could still hear him loud and clear. “I asked you to do only one thing… Only one thing and you couldn’t even manage to do that!”

Twenty-one seconds of dead air, I figured it was safe to put the phone back up to my ear. “Technical, you asked me not to do anything with the key, and I did not do anything with the key! I really do not understand why you are fuming angry?”

“8 hours! That is how long it will take me to get to you, is it possible for you to stay out of trouble?” There was dead air, “Zita?”

“8 hours does not seem long enough for me to get into trouble!”


“Okay! I will keep a low profile until you get here. I still do not understand why your do pissy!”

“8hours!” then I heard a click, and the line was dead.

Strolling threw the pathway to Brianna’s house; I practiced what I was going to say to Brianna. I wrap on the door and walk in. Brianna placed a coffee on the table.

“I take it Jullian has already called you!”

“That he did! He tried to give me attitude, cut him down a bit, then he simmered a bit. Whatever you did, woow, it has rubbed Jullian the wrong way.”

“See, that is what I do not understand… All I did was remove the chains of guilt from two spirits. And to be honest, I enjoyed it! So much, I want to do it again. There was something about freeing them, that released something inside of me.”

“Something tells me you will do it again!”

“That should be a fact! I think I found a new thrill.” I had to think about how I was going to describe my actions. “I passed hundreds of doors, all of them connected by guilt and suicide. I have always believed what you are here will be what you are in the other realm. The two I helped… They were different… It was like something was trying to make them feel guilty for something they had no guilt for. All I did was remove the chains and open the doors. Though I am wondering what happened to their energy once they were freed!”

“We will have to wait until Jullian gets here to ask more questions. I would like to believe that the spirits went somewhere pleasant.”

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