My Friend had came home from work in the early morning. Sharing a two bedroom apartment at the time, I had been fast a sleep.

The first thing he smelled when he walked through the door way was an over powering smell of perfume. Instantly he became angry! He was thinking that I had sprayed the hallway with the most potent perfume that I could get my hands on.

That is when he realized that there was no way that I would have done such a thing, knowing that I have allergies to anything strong in the perfume department.

In the morning he confronted me about what he had been smelling. That is when I told him that it was a spirit letting him know that s/he was there. I asked him what did the perfume smell like? Meaning something that would be a product sold now, or something that a great grandma would have put on. He said something his great Grandma would have put on.

It did not stop there, the light to the washroom was on, when he knew he had turned it off. I told him what I saw

  • Elderly lady probable late 60’s early 70’s
  • Roughly 5 foot nothing
  • Short curly hair, grey
  • Wearing a dress with an apron
  • The dress was floral
  • flat brown shoes
  • She was wearing glasses

She did not seem to be interested in me, nor was she around to cause any issues. She is what I would call a visitor and nothing more.

Over 6 months had past, and my friend went to visit his parents. He acquired a picture of his Grandmother. He never had the chance to meet her, since she had died when he was 8 months old.

When I saw the picture, this lady is what I had seen. My friend wanted to know why she was here. I told him that she was just wanting to say ‘hello.’

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