The concept of good and evil is still solid today as it was back when it was born. The majority would oppose anything different, verses trying to understand what frightens them.

Where did the concept of evil and good begin?

We all love stories, and that is precisely the birthplace of good and evil — past down from one generation to the next. Some stories were spoken only by mouth, whereas others were documented and made into books.

The first known prophet to set up the foundation of good and evil was Zoroaster. Ahura Mazda was the god of all things good, and Angra Mainyu was the god of all evil.

Religion, principles and worldview points govern our own personal view on good and evil. But what is it that makes us so compelled to make a chose on what is right and wrong?

Once again, it good back to Zoroaster’s teachings. He taught his followers that we, as an individual, have the right to choose which side we wanted to go to.

It is because of this, why there is a division, that in many cases does cause conflict. The differences are all in the perception of the individuals or groups of people. When there is an opposing side, how willing are they to put aside their viewpoints to listen to the other?

To fear what frightens you is to close yourself off from knowledge and understanding. Respecting that we are all unique and different, that is what makes us so special. What is not okay, is pushing your beliefs and or opinions down another’s throat just because you think they are wrong and are evil. Remember we are born with free will and have the right to choose what is good for ourselves!

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