It was in the early morning when there was a loud thump. It sounded like a box had been picked up and dropped on the basement floor. It was so loud that my boyfriend and I woke up. He had jumped out of bed and ran to the location of the noise.

I choose to stay in bed, knowing full well who it was. My boyfriend had come back to bed. See this was the first time he had ever stayed overnight at my place. I had told him of the stories of what I see and do! It was not like he thought I was lying, but he had never been around it. So when he came back with a puzzled look on his face, I was like “just go back to sleep, that was Stephen.”

It does not happen often, but when I am on work overload, the place gets disorganized. Stephen was a neat freak in life as he was in death. The thump was him saying, ‘I am not happy with this mess, get it cleaned up!’

The expression on my boyfriend’s face was priceless. I told him the more he is around me, he will get used to the bumps of the night. To this day he has still to get used to the bumps in the night, living in a rough neighbourhood has taught him to move fast when you hear something unusual!

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