“Get up, Zita!” I could hear this ringing in my ears. The blackness that surrounded my body so much so I could not see. I tried to will my body to move, all I could think about was … nothing! My mind was silenced, and it was as if someone had taken over my body, willing it not to move. There was more yelling in my ear. I have no idea how long this had continued.

Peter was standing over top of me, shaking me as if I were a rage doll. The friend that I had known since I was ten years old, reframing from cursing because he believed it showed the lack of education, was pacing back and forth cursing under his breath. Crystal and Rachel had been hovering over my body, trying to get me to stir and wake up to the physical realm.

The light of the sun was shining into my place, which told me that I had been in this state for a long time. “Thank the heavens; she is starting to wake up!” I heard Brianna uttered out. “What the hell happen?” She asked me.

I told the group what happened, to be frank, I had no idea what happened at the end to me. I know one thing, slightly knowing not knowing I messed around with someone’s energy source. Without anyone telling me, I knew I was in a tone of scat. Usually, I would be hiding and hoping that I would not cross the path of the entity that had placed a target on my back. This time I felt great about my actions. I was pleased that I had helped out someone or spirit that was in need.

Peter was already late for work, once he knew that I was going to be okay, he left. Crystal went back to the care of her daughter. Brianna and I decided that I would go over to her house for coffee and figure out what I had walked into. Even though we live less than five minutes, her internet was all so much better than the internet I had to deal with.

We concluded fast that I was dealing with something that guarded death. The problem was we could not figure out what section. Depending on your religious belief and culture, death takes on a different form. And I lack in the religion department, and when it comes to culture, well I wear shoes that in itself means I am civilized enough.

At the end of this session, we knew this; the entity that I had crossed did not choose or cause a human to die. They collected the dead and placed them in a holding that they believed the soul belonged in. If I was correct, the guardians enjoyed reminding them of what they had done.

What I had done, by setting two souls free from their personal turmoil … I can definitely see a couple of unkind words being sent my way. Maybe a lot of discomforts, if I am lucky a stern warning not to trust pass on to their realm ever again. Which this kind of sucks because I finally found something that gave me warm fuzzies all over my body. I really enjoyed helping the dead free themselves from their personal hell.

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