Limbo, that is what this place had to be, your own personal hell, intensified by entities taking advantage of a situation to benefit their personal goal. That was my impression of this endless hallway of doom.

I needed to find my way out of this place before I started to go as mad as the people trapped here.

Grant it, yes, the individuals did kill themselves, but they felt like their life was hell, to be trapped here unable to leave, felt to me, unjustified. I felt like whoever orchestrated this, lived off the suffering of the individuals that were here.

The fact that the emotions carry on in death sucks. But to be locked in an area and punished more did not make much sense to me. I wanted to help, but to be honest, I was not the best person to give professional advice.

From time to time, I would stop at the door and listen. One case did catch my attention, like the others, she killed herself, but her reasoning was due to the fact she was tired of how the world was functioning. She had felt that anything she had done was not enough. Giving up not only on humanity but the life that she thought she was being forced to live. She had no regrets towards her actions and felt that her punishment in death did not suit her actions.

After a while of her muttering to herself, she realized I was standing at her door. I had a good feeling that she did not crack under pressure from those that walked the hallways as quickly as the others—yelling at me, calling me every unkind name that she could think of and more. I have to say I enjoyed her spunk.

Placing my hand on her door, the bright light that I had seen before, happened with this lady. I did have my doughts that she would have been released, to my surprise she was. The only thing that I hear her say before she left into stardust, “Finally!”

The location became dark and cold; my time spent here was coming to an ending. I knew that if I had not found my way out of this place now, I would be in a world of trouble. I could hear in the far distance footsteps that were not mine. Time was running out; I could see what I believed to be a guardian hauling burro towards me with incredible speed.

Spouting out words that I could not understand, but I got the impression that it might have been something on the line of “the prisoner has except!” The guardian’s eyes were red, and the closer it got to me, the more I felt like death was taking over my body. I tried to run, my strides were just not long enough, and I was not fast compared to this entity.

Muttering under my breath, I said, “I need a door to get out of this place. The guardian’s fingers wrapped around my throat; I was paralyzed. My body became cold and stiff, the venom of death leaking into my soul.

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