I had listened to Jullian and Jazzgoth; I did not want to disrupt the scat pot, especially since I had no idea what this key was for. I have messed with many things, but I knew what I was getting into. I tried to do psychometry, it was never one of my strong points, if I could get an idea of where this key belonged…


I was just going to have to be patient and what for the boys to come and visit me. Until then, I placed the key beside my laptop and called it a night!

I was standing in one place. Everything was coming towards me. I should have been scared; the atmosphere did not feel pleasant. The clouds were black, with lightning crashing around wildly. A building was presented to me; it was nothing personal about this structure; it could have been a hospital or a courthouse for all I knew.

The door to the building opened!

Now any fool with a brain in their head that was practical would have been like ‘yeah in hell, no! Black clouds, unpleasant feeling door opening on its own… This is a setting for a Hollywood horror movie; I am not going in there!’

Yep, I am the fool that goes in!

I am stepping into the building; the door slams behind me with a loud thud. Taking one more step into the lobby, I find that I am unwilling shoved forwards. I hear a great deal of sorrow and confusion. The area becomes one long channel of doors to my left and right. Sadness almost overcomes me, guilt, dismay, the feeling of being stuck in a time loop. These were the feelings that tried to take over me.

Each door I walked by, I could see the individual that occupied the space. Some knew they were there, while others did not.

One room a girl repeated over and over, “I can’t deal with this anymore! I have to make the pain stop!” The room reflected her personal suffering. People at her school pushed her around. She felt isolated from the world, unable to find her place in the food chain. Her last moments in her life were her walking on a bridge, climbing the rallying and jumping off, and her body bouncing off a car.

A man was in the fetal position, rocking on his heal! “I lost everything! My wife, my children, my job!” For about 30 seconds, I had a lot of pain in my right temple. He had taken a handgun and killed himself.

My brain told my feet to continue to move forwards…

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