Eh Jullian, I have a question for you! I have just acquired a unique key; let’s just say it is not a key that would open any doors in the physical realm. The top appears to be the top of a tree without leaves; the bottom seems to me to be three main roots. Any idea what door this unlocks?

Morning Zita, it is great to hear from you. For your question, I am not aware of any key that you have discussed. Could you send me a picture of the key so that I may be able to have a better idea of what you are speaking of? Also, how did you find this supposed key?

Afternoon Jullian’s, the key was actually given to me by a watcher. His lips were stitched together. Unfortunately, every time I go to take a picture of the key, all I see is my hand. I will send you my best drawing. Remind yourself I am not one of your students and have little to no drawing expertise.

I do not know how much I can stress this to you Zita, the next time you see a watcher be extremely careful. Do not allow it again into your mind. They are bound to the Zeragilians. The only way they are free from their duties is death. Once Jazzgoth returns from his mission. I will be informing him of this information.

Noted! I will keep my guard up as a precaution though I have to mention that it was not his words but his expression. His eyes pleaded for help. I could be wrong; it is rare for that to happen, but my intuition tells me that he was asking for help. I just do not understand what is needed out of me.

My lovely Zita, do nothing until I have a chance to inspect this key that you have in your possession. I am eager to see which ‘watcher’ would dare tempt the wrath of NaNa. Always yours, Jazzgoth

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