“Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorned.”

Your car has been vandalized. How do you feel? Your home has been vandalized. How do you feel?

I know for myself, I was looking for blood when someone entered my townhouse and took my belongings. I had never felt that much outrage in my life. I ended up chasing the guy down the alleyway until I lost him. He had jumped into a car, and he and his buddy took off. In the end, I got my belongings back, and the two guys got what they deserved.

Regularly, I only have spouts of anger. A psychiatrist once told me I have the won’t type of temper ever. Like a volcano, you do not know when it will explode. Building up energy, calms down, just to repeat, then one day a loud eruption.

I have a nasty habit of holding on to a lot of baggage, letting it build up, never dealing with the issues.

It took years of learning how to communicate appropriately to deal with this explosive behaviour. I realized this was not healthy for myself to hold on to scat.

First thing I found out I had chronic depression. I took medication to stabilize my emotional ups and downs. The next thing was my anxiety. I found my triggers; slowly, I learned how to deal with those situations—last of all, how to communicate my emotions without losing control.

Meditation meditation meditation!

I have now become my own master at meditating to calm myself down so that I can speak and move without looking like a lunatic. I only have a few triggers, like messing with my friends or family—or touching my belongings.


  1. Interesting. I used to have the same issue with bottling things up and expressing myself too bluntly. Meditation was also one of my best friends in dealing with that problem. The meds also keep me level, like you said.

    1. Meditation works for me, along with my writing. Hence why I started blogging in the first place, I needed a healthy outlet. I have to admit that blogging has helped me out more than medication and meditation.

      1. Hmmm, yeah I agree, writing has always been a lifesaver for me too. Doesn’t matter if I journal or blog, but writing is super important to me as well. I’m glad it helps you too 🙂

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