What is your favourite colour? Why?

My favourite colour is purple. It has been purple since I found out the colour of my birthstone


  1. Mine is Pink, it always has been, I don’t know why, but when my daughter does my nails (I think I maybe a guinea pig again later lol), and if there’s no pink in them I don’t feel complete!!!, I was gutted when I could only choose black or blue for my wheelchair, but after a lot of searching I found Pink walking sticks, even my facemasks are pink lol.

  2. I love blue, black and white. I feel these colors look okay on me and that’s why I have chosen them. I don’t really know my birth color. I have to get that figured out.

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  3. Mine has always been purple, too. I don’t know why. It somehow seems “superior” to other colors. But I can’t quite place it.

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