We are to sit in silence until we have been given a command, smart enough to do our task, stupid enough not to ask questions. The majority are loyal dogs, willing to do whatever. Not for long, people like me we are waking up and asking questions. To get answers, you have to ask the right question.

I have been home now for a week since the trip to the cottage. Once the sun had gone down, I could be found near the fire pit, just staring into the abyss.

I only had one question, “what next”? Should I go left, right, forwards, backwards?

This entity stood roughly 15 feet in height. Many would see a black shadow; I saw more! In among the darkness, I saw roots. When our eyes locked, the entity started to show me places.

These places trap individuals that do not sit in silence. At each location, there is a watcher that has cursed the land—making the area unlivable to any humans or animals. They are not only on earth but located on different planets throw out the universe. For the most undesirables, there are doors that are always in constant motion. Only the one that holds the key can open the doors.

I sat there longer, watching the roots coming closer to my torso.

The entity started to show me more about his life. I saw the day his lips were stitched together. The cloth that covered his body was replaced with roots. A group of soldiers circled him, dragging him by a chain that was around his neck. Words that only he understood were spoken to him, a curse he mumbled. The location that he was forced to patrol was the great lakes.

He gave me a key, drawing back the roots. He could not speak, but his eyes looked as if he was pleading for help. What an odd shaped key. The top looked like a tree with buds in the branches, and the roots I am going to assume are used to unlock a door.

One thing I know about dealing with entities, ask questions! I do not sit silently.

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