I feel that everyone has, at one time, been called stubborn. Some maybe more than others. But is being stubborn a bad trait to have?

A stubborn individual is viewed as unreasonable, defiant, and hard to handle. The fact is, being persistent is not a bad thing. A determined person can be well mannered and polite, at the same time, staying true to themselves. So then why does the word “stubborn” have such a negative impact?

A trustworthy stubborn individual has a great sense of direction and knows what they need and wants. Often they are insightful being able to see the others qualities and cues them in the possible path.

They care deeply, not only understanding their own personal emotions, but they also respect and understand others’ emotions as well. They are quick to respond to not only their feeling but others as well.

Through hard work, they have learned to be resilient. They are not taking for granted anything that is in our life—displaying confidence in their work and what is spoken.

A stubborn personality is not a terrible thing. Things will never be boring with the debates that will occur. They do not tend to promote a “kiss ass” type of behaviour. They like to hear your views as well as being listened to as well.


  1. Hmmm, this is a tough one as there is often a very thin line between stubborness and ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’ (I’m sure there’s a word that encapsulates that old phrase but I can’t immediately think of it!). Maybe its the degree of stubborness – type A burns his willing to burn his bridges and tybe B always carries the petrol too 🙂

    1. Yes, I would agree that there is a degree of stubbornness. So far I have yet to burn bridges tho I am sure people have seen the smoke coming from my ear from time to time 😆

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