For the first time in weeks, I finally went to the back to check my plants. I am so happy they are doing amazing.

Still have no idea what type if tree this is, but it is my favourite
Not sure what happened to the top of the stem, nothing is growing, but the rest seems to be doing nicely
The smallest out of the bunch but still cute
Not as many leaves yet but there is still plenty of time
The tallest if all the trees

All of the trees I have are almost two years old. Once they are big enough, I plan on donating. Not sure what organization plants trees in the forest and such things but that is the idea.

I thought for sure I was going to lose this little guy, all I needed to do was place it in a better location
Cherry tree, hope this year I get flowers
Lavender is starting to show fresh growth
My oregano is coming back nicely
Strawberry patch 1
Strawberry patch 2
Strawberry patch 3

Yep, we do love our strawberries 😍

Hope everyone has an amazing day


  1. Your plants are certainly flourishing, Neil thinks the top pic maybe from the maple tree family, Iv just had my 1st batch of spinach and coriander, which I picked yesterday, It always makes you feel good when you can the fruit of your labour, Iv got no strawberries this year, have been unable to find any plants, so having to buy them, unfortunately they don’t last very long from the supermarket, great work..

  2. You have lovely plants and they look so vibrant with the color of nature. I wish to get into gardening too as soon as possible. I really want to grow some vegetables and flowers.

    1. May has been a little off, because of this, I haven’t started my veggie garden yet. I’m hoping in a couple of weeks I can get it started.

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