The time spent at the cottage did help out a great deal. If it were not for all the black flies, horse flies and mosquitoes, I would never want to leave this location. Surprisingly the size of the spiders did not bother me. I was kind of fascinated by the designs of their webs. Back in the city, spiders are so small; these bad boys are fat and huge. I even had the chance to view a wolf spider, which, by the way, was the size of my palm.

When it came to the night, I could not go wandering around. The area had been known to have bears and wolves—those being the most frightening to the residents. Personally, it was not the thought of a bear or wolf that scared me; it was the thought of waking up with a wolf spider on my face.

Maybe it was the fact that there was little to no technology here. Or the fact that I could see the stars clearly without any light pollution. No sirens, babbling drunks just nature and all its glory. I felt at home, where I belonged. Something I had not felt in decades!

The time spend with Juillian was interesting, he was tolerable. We spent half the time just staring into the abyss or laughing so hard that our sides hurt.

Juillian was finishing off the last minute details before we had to go back to our regular lives. Sitting at the water’s edge, listening to the water splashing up against the rocks, a motorboat cruising around, I looked to my left. There I saw the spirit of a deer. That was the first thing I saw that was even remotely close to the other side—nature’s beauty and elegance what a benevolence creature. To see the spirit of a deer is to mean peace and serenity.

I posed no threat to this spirit; slowly, it moved closer to me. I put my hand out; its head lowered so that I could touch it. Never in this life would I have thought touching a spiritual animal would make me cry. It was as if the weight of the universe lifted off my shoulders.

Running! That is all I had been doing, going in circles, dodging this and that.

All the debris in my way seemed to be cleaned up. All the strings that had been knotted up untangled! I felt reborn again and ready to take on the universe.

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